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In 2019 Lazarus Bobota joined Wilderness Safaris Zambia in Kafue National Park’s remote Busanga Plains, bringing with him over a decade of experience in the tourism industry, and an innate passion for wildlife and nature.

The first son born in a family of five, Lazarus was raised on the edge of the Lower Zambezi National Park in Makanya village, which falls under the Chiawa chiefdom of the Kafue district. He completed his primary education at Kabwadu Primary School and his secondary education at Gota Gota Secondary School.

With wildlife tourism being one of the biggest employers in the region, Lazarus understood the importance of tourism from a young age, and this ultimately influenced his decision to pursue a career in the industry. He admired the boys from his village who had become guides, and developed a keen interest in nature conservation as he got older.

Lazarus started working as a Room Attendant at Chakanaka Investment Farm, and after three years joined Hippo Lodge in Kafue National Park. He was fortunate to have a manager who recognised his potential as a guide and encouraged him to follow his dream. During his free time, Lazarus would read wildlife books, and after three years in the housekeeping department, he was afforded an opportunity to train as a guide.

In 2014, he obtained his boat license and joined Kanyemba Lodge in the Lower Zambezi as a coxswain. The job presented Lazarus with his first real opportunity to interact with guests on cruises and fishing safaris. Being a natural with people, he quickly became popular with his guests and colleagues. Still pursuing his goal to becoming a guide, Lazarus continued studying for his license, and after a few years on the boat, it was time for him to take the next step in his career. He attempted the guide exams in the lower Zambezi and successfully qualified as a Grade 2 guide. From here on, his options opened up and his dream was finally realised. He worked at Kanyemba until April in 2019, during which time he developed a great love for birding.

Lazarus is excited to be part of Wilderness Safaris and hopes to spend many years in Busanga so he can witness it flourish, and eventually change the face of the tourism industry in Zambia. For years he has been inspired by the company’s continued dedication to conservation and the surrounding communities, and now he is on the ground contributing to the positive difference Wilderness Safaris makes to his home country.

“It was my desire to one day join Wilderness Safaris and now my wish has been fulfilled. The landscape and diversity of Busanga Plains is remarkable! The team that I work with at Shumba Camp is amazing – easy to work with and very friendly”, he says.

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