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Miriam has been a valued member of the Wilderness family for over 18 years. Dedicated to delivering the ultimate guest experience, Miriam is focused on driving a culture of innovation and empathy, while creating impactful and unforgettable journeys.


Miriam hails from the Zimbabwean Midlands city of Gweru. Her areas of specialisation are business development, sales, and leadership. She holds an Honours Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management, a BCom Accounting Degree and is also a Graduate and Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators of South Africa.

Miriam’s Wilderness journey began straight out of university and, 18 years later, she hasn’t looked back. Starting as a Trainee Manager at Tubu Tree and eager to progress, she completed her management training in three months and was appointed General Manager of Baobab Camp. During this time a decision was made to build a second Baobab Camp, which she oversaw, hiring and training the staff, as well as setting up the brand new camp, which opened its doors in 2005.


Miriam was then promoted to King’s Pool as Guest Experience Manager, and within a year was appointed General Manager of DumaTau, together with her then fiancé, Attorney Vasco. After significantly raising the service and guest experience bar at DumaTau, the pair moved on as General Management couple at Vumbura Plains. Eight months later, Miriam was promoted to Assistant Operations Manager for the Premier brand of camps.



After three successful years as Assistant Operations Manager, Miriam opted to learn a different side of the business and joined the Botswana Travel Shop and Guest Operations Team. Being involved in Sales, Customer Service and managing the relationships of key industry partners was an enlightening challenge. Miriam was then appointed Wilderness Botswana Business Manager in 2016, a role she held until being promoted to Wilderness Acting Chief Operations Officer in 2024.


Miriam thrives on positively impacting people’s lives. Her goal is to be actively involved in the development and promotion of tourism in Botswana, as well as encouraging and inspiring young Batswana to take pride in and ownership of the unique gem that is Botswana, and to preserve our wild places for future generations.


Miriam is excited for her next Wilderness chapter and noted,


“Everything exists for a purpose, and I simply love being part of a business that is dedicated to making the world a better place, for us and for future generations”


"through the protection of our wilderness areas and through education and empowerment of the communities in the areas in which we operate. It is a win-win for me because as our business goals and purpose are achieved, by default I also achieve my personal goals, securing a proud heritage for my children”.


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