Rhino tracking

Experience the heart-thumping thrill of rhino tracking on safari.


Thrills on foot

Heart-thumping rhino tracking.


Rare. Remarkable. Walk in the footsteps of Africa’s largest free-ranging populations of Critically Endangered desert-adapted black rhino in Namibia, and Zambia’s only white rhino, in Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. Feel your heart catch in your throat as a rhino gets wind of you, nostrils flaring. Revel in the privilege of observing them on foot. In the wild. Just as nature intended.

Rhino tracking
Wilderness Desert Rhino Camp Rhino Trekking
Wilderness Desert Rhino Camp Rhino Trekking

Rare, remarkable rhinos

Both black and white rhino populations across the continent are in danger. Cherish the chance to encounter them on foot, led by seasoned Save the Rhino Trust rangers and Zambian National Parks & Wildlife scouts. Follow these majestic creatures as they lumber about their natural habitat, protected by your visit.

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