Star Beds

Sleep out under the African night sky with our Star Bed experience. Nothing is quite as thrilling or as romantic on safari.
Wilderness Experiences Star Bed


Get ready for a wild night

Safari dreaming.


Ditch the conventional four walls and choose to sleep out under the stars, whether on the rooftop of your suite in Namibia or at one of our Star Beds in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Be lulled to sleep by the sounds of the night, a jackal’s cry in the distance, or the gentle rumbling of elephants. See if you can count how many thousands of stars you can see in the clear night sky.

Wilderness Experiences Star Bed
Wilderness Experiences Star Bed Jao
Wilderness Experiences Star Bed

Romance and seclusion await with our sleep out safari experiences

Fall asleep on a raised platform enveloped by the magnificent African night sky. The sky is the darkest you’ve ever seen, and yet, it’s also the brightest. Who knew there were so many stars. The only sounds are those calls of the creatures of the night. Listen carefully for the whooping of a hyena or the roar of a far-off lion. Wake up to watch the sunrise and look out for other early risers.

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