Damaraland is waiting. A mountainous desert landscape revealing unexpected treasures on your Namibian safari.

Untamed, unfenced Damaraland

Discover pure freedom in this astonishing, mountainous landscape reminiscent of the American Southwest – or Mars. Where it seems impossible for life to thrive. But life there is. Feel the thrill of seeing desert elephants, a bat-eared fox or the near-endemic Ruppell’s korhaan. Track scorpions on a night walk adventure. And fall asleep under a canopy of stars in a stellar sleepout experience.


Damaraland at a glance

The Damaraland region offers a fascinating tapestry of landscapes. Palmwag, a vast protected area, was created by massive magma eruptions 125 million years ago, when Africa and South America were part of the same supercontinent, Gondwana. The Huab River Valley is a mosaic of ephemeral rivers that are ribbon-like oases in an otherwise arid terrain.

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Damaraland experiences

Feel like a first-time explorer in a thrilling adventure in this vast and ancient landscape carved out by time. Walk among gigantic fossilised trees in the Petrified Forest, dating back 280 million years. Marvel at 6,000-year-old San rock art. Marvel at astounding wildlife like the Critically Endangered black rhino, living here against all odds.


Explore camps in Damaraland

Find your next adventure in our iconic Namibian safari camps. Desert Rhino Camp lies in a wide valley, sometimes flush with grass, alongside north-west Namibia’s enormous Palmwag protected area. Dora Nawas rests on the edge of the dry Aba-Huab River, with glorious views of Namibia’s rugged Damaraland. Damaraland Camp overlooks the Huab River Valley – wild, rugged and full of geological wonders.

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Damaraland featured stories

Dreaming of your next adventure? Read our feature stories about fascinating Damaraland in Namibia. Watch our thrilling videos of the wildlife you can encounter and explore our three luxury safari camps, waiting to welcome you. Coffee hot? Comfortable? Enjoy.

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