Night game drives

A jackal’s cry. A lion’s roar. The gentle rumble of elephants. The bush comes alive at night, awakening all senses.
Wilderness Experiences Night Drive Wildlife Leopard


An after dark safari experience

Safaris by spotlight.


Bundle up warm to venture out after dark for a night drive with our expert safari guides. Wildlife-friendly infrared spotlights seek out nocturnal animals not seen during the day. Bushbabies, spring hares, servals, and genets are all regularly seen and, if you are extremely lucky, the elusive pangolin, aardwolf, or even a leopard, may make an appearance.

Wilderness Experiences Night Drive Nocturnal Wildlife Hyena
Wilderness Experiences Night Drive Wildlife Owl
Wilderness Experiences Night Drive

Go in search of the fascinating creatures of the night

Under cover of darkness the bush takes on a primal feel. The tension is palpable. Predators and prey are on high alert. And so too you’ll be. Keep your eyes and ears trained for the smells, sounds, and sights that could mean an animal lurking nearby. Get up close to elusive nighttime creatures, see owls and nightjars, witness battles for survival, and learn more about the awe-inspiring night sky.

Let’s plan your next journey


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