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An increasingly rare wilderness and a land of staggering beauty, Rwanda is home to half the world’s mountain gorillas and a vast savannah teeming with iconic wildlife.


Explore an unforgettable Rwanda safari

Nothing can prepare you for it. The moment you encounter a mountain gorilla in the wild. As you close in quietly to see a mother cradling her baby, just metres away from you in the legendary mist-shrouded Virunga Mountains, there’s a palpable sense of interconnectedness. From the land, to the wildlife, to the people. Everything is seamlessly woven into every level of the ecosystem. And the ripple effects are seen everywhere.


Journey to the Land of a Thousand Hills

Easily traversed, Rwanda is one of Africa’s most thrilling destinations – promising unique wildlife encounters, stunning landscapes, and warm, proud people. A land of astonishing beauty, Rwanda has risen phoenix-like from its troubled history. Today the tiny country of nearly 13 million people is Africa’s economic poster child, a model of reconciliation, regeneration and sustainability. 


Rwanda at a glance

Going off the beaten track when on holiday comes with questions. When is the best season to view wildlife in Rwanda? How cold does it get at night and what languages are spoken? To help you prepare for your Rwanda safari, we have put together a few key facts to inspire your adventurous spirit.

Key Facts


Rwanda experiences

You’ll feel it in the air. An invisible cloak of possibility. As you walk through the mist under the canopy of the Virunga’s lush rainforest. Or on a game drive in Akagera National Park, silently tracking a lion or leopard. Feel the vibrancy of Rwanda’s capital Kigali. Alive with the renewed energy of its people, who share a deep passion and love for their land and its wildlife.


Plan an unforgettable Rwanda safari

Our curated journeys in Rwanda offer you a taste of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Filled with intimate encounters, dramatic landscapes and award-winning, luxury sanctuaries in pristine regions of the country. Hosted by our industry-leading guides. Passionate storytellers who look forward to sharing their love of Rwanda's iconic wildlife with you.



Explore regions & camps in Rwanda

From rainforests to savannah, we offer conservation tourism experiences in two of Rwanda’s most magnificent areas. Award-winning Bisate, nestled in an eroded volcanic cone overlooking Volcanoes National Park. And elegant Magashi in Akagera National Park, with knockout vistas over beautiful Lake Rwanyakazinga, and an area teeming with iconic African wildlife.

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Rwanda featured stories

Longing to go on a luxury Rwandan journey? Browse our collection - from award-winning photography to featured travel stories on mountain gorillas, and on-the-ground updates about our Rwandan conservation contributions.
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