Conservation experiences

Rewild. Protect. Conserve. Wilderness combines unforgettable wildlife encounters with positive impact experiences.
Wilderness Experiences Conservation Tree Planting


Meaningful travel experiences with Wilderness

Enriching encounters.


Be part of our conservation initiatives as you take to the skies on a thrilling helicopter ride, spotting and recording the rich diversity of wildlife below. Track Critically Endangered desert-adapted black rhino on foot led by a seasoned guide in Namibia. Help our team monitor leopards and lions in Akagera National Park, Rwanda. Every experience an opportunity to learn, and make an impact on the wilderness.

Wilderness Experiences Conservation Nature Walk
Wilderness Experiences Conservation Endangered Species
Wilderness Experiences Conservation Reforestation

Protecting the wild through conservation travel

You’ll feel it when you marvel at the miles of open space and teeming wildlife. And understand why at Wilderness, we’re hell-bent on protecting it. Every guest plays a vital role in our conservation efforts and has the opportunity to get involved. From planting trees in Rwanda to tracking rhinos at Desert Rhino Camp in Namibia, to assisting local communities with anti-poaching initiatives. 

Let’s plan your next journey


When we say we’re there every step of the way, we mean it, literally. From planning the perfect circuit, to private inter-camp transfers on Wilderness Air, and easing you through Customs. We’re with you on the ground, at your side, 24-7, from start to finish. Ready to take the road less travelled? Contact our Travel Designers to plan an unforgettable journey.