Home to the mysterious Savuti Channel, the untouched and untamed Linyanti Wildlife Reserve is Botswana’s premium safari destination you might never have heard of.

The majestic Linyanti

Elephants, elephants, and more elephants – the Linyanti is known for hosting the world’s largest megaherds, traversing ancient corridors through the reserve on their migratory mission. This productive area attracts a high density of predators, including a healthy population of endangered African wild dog.


Linyanti at a glance

Hundreds of miles from so-called civilisation, the Linyanti is a pristine wilderness area. Expansive grasslands, floodplains and mopane woodlands make this place where the Linyanti River meets the Savuti Channel one of Botswana’s most diverse habitats and a haven for wildlife.

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Linyanti experiences

Game drives offer a thrilling experience on a safari in the Linyanti, which serves up incredible sightings, especially of elephants. Have your binoculars handy, as birding is outstanding. Ground yourself with a walk in the reserve; count the toes in a leopard track left in the sand, breathe in the scent of wild sage, or taste wild fruits under the expert supervision of our amazing guides.


Explore camps in the Linyanti

We love what we do and are proud of our achievements, but it is good to be acknowledged by others. Below are a few of the awards we have received either for outstanding tourism services or for our contribution to conservation or community in Africa.

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Linyanti featured stories

Delight in our collection of stories, award-winning photographs and conservation updates from the people and wildlife of the Linyanti.
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The Magical Mystery Savute

The disappearing river reappeared. Nature, the magician, bows and the crowd roars. How did she do it...

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