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Usawa Serengeti

An unrivalled Serengeti safari 


A luxury mobile safari adventure promising an intimate, private way to experience Tanzania’s most famous safari destination. 


Wilderness Usawa

A luxury mobile tented camp in Tanzania’s wild Serengeti

Imagine an endless horizon. Powder blue skies stretching over the grassland as far as the eye can see… an abundance of wildlife; grazing, drinking, breeding. Moving as one. Every species in the Serengeti lives in perfect harmony with the one beside it. It is this balance, ‘usawa’ in Kiswahili, that ensures this phenomenal ecosystem functions in perfect symbiosis. Always moving. Always changing. Always in balance.

Wildebeest Migration across riverine Serengeti


Best New Hotel

Wilderness Usawa Serengeti wins a Travel + Leisure It List award as one of the Best New Hotels in the World. Exceptional, dynamic, luxurious.​ This luxury mobile safari adventure promises an intimate, private way to experience Tanzania’s most famous safari destination.


Intimate, exclusive, exceptional: Wilderness Usawa Serengeti accommodates 12 guests in six en-suite safari tents, which can be booked for sole use. As Usawa’s set- up is completely mobile, no permanent fixtures are left behind when it moves, leaving a light footprint on the Earth. The camps are completely solar-powered, and equipped with Wi-Fi and hot water.
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Indulgent, fresh, delicious; delight in Usawa’s gourmet menu. Locally sourced and grown, nutritious and sustainable. We keep our footprint as low as possible by supporting surrounding communities, small businesses, farms and suppliers in Tanzania, reducing food waste through creative, practical ideas in our preparation and menus.
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Wilderness Usawa Serngeti Map Tanzania


The seasonal migration moves throughout the year across the length and breadth of Serengeti National Park. Though reasonably predictable, herd movements are dictated by rain and tend to migrate from the south in a north-westerly direction, before making their way up north around September. From there, the journey begins back to the south. It is along these routes that Wilderness Usawa moves.


Wilderness Usawa

Mobile, dynamic, luxurious, the Wilderness Usawa Serengeti experience offers maximum action without compromising on comfort. In close proximity to wildlife, but set away from the high density tourist spots, the exquisite architecture and mindful design of Wilderness Usawa Serengeti’s tented camp invites a more remote and private East African experience.


All inclusive rates

Intimate, exclusive, and light on the Earth, Wilderness Usawa Serengeti is made up of two mobile camps which accommodate 12 guests each, in six luxurious safari tents. Each tent is tastefully finished, equipped with an en-suite bathroom, personal coffee bar and safari-style furnishings, while the open-plan main area opens out over the plains, with classic Serengeti views in every direction.

Standard season

From USD 950 per person/night

Premium season

From USD1,400 per person/night







Usawa Serengeti experiences

Immerse yourself in the wild ways of the Serengeti. On early morning game drives, watch the sun rise over the Serengeti’s golden savannah, illuminating thousands of wildebeest and zebra grazing in the plains. Lace up your boots for a guided walk, from camp into the savannah. When the sun sets, turn your attention to the skies as the stars appear, as beautiful and plentiful as the herds below.

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