Zimbabwe Literacy Centres


Vince Shacks


Literacy is the key to a better future

The exodus of teachers from Zimbabwe’s schools is creating a crisis in literacy levels. This project aims to improve literacy and teacher training to stem the flow.


Our Zimbabwe Literacy Centres project is a new initiative that aims to grow a network of capable, well-resourced literacy centres across the country to promote the importance of the English language and to improve general literacy skills for all ages. Working together with schools and communities, we intend to build informed, and highly motivated programmes that work to remedy the literacy crisis.


We intend to build informed, and highly motivated programmes that work to remedy the literacy crisis.

The problem

Over half of Zimbabwean Grade 7 learners leaving primary school cannot read or write English.

The cause

Teachers are leaving the profession because they’re not being paid enough, if at all.

The solution

Literacy centres address literacy levels in primary schools and improve the quality of teacher training.

Our approach to solving it

Being able to read and write unlocks future opportunities, but as a result of the country’s dire economic conditions, teachers are not being paid regularly, and inflation outstrips any earnings they do receive. Thus, teachers in Zimbabwe are leaving the profession and the country, negatively impacting school education standards.

  • To ensure sustainability and provide employment, we will appoint school leavers as mentors to conduct one on one lessons at the centres, with morning and afternoon programmes for school students, and evening programmes for adults.
  • We are aiming to increase literacy and proficiency in English among primary school students, to improve learning and onward progression to secondary and tertiary education.
  • We also want to improve student learning outcomes in Maths and English at secondary school level, enabling students to progress to higher education levels.
  • Our goal is to improve teacher job satisfaction and retention rates, resulting in a more stable education system.


Through interventions to improve literacy in primary school leavers, from preschool and infant classes upward, we not only provide education to communities but empower the teachers who work in the country.


The ultimate adventure awaits


Our results and progress

Although still in its infancy, this programme is designed to establish literacy centres to promote inclusive and quality education, teacher training, and community engagement, with a goal of improving literacy, education standards and teacher training in the country.

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