Wildlife Rangers in Namibia


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Protecting iconic wildlife species

The modern ranger is more than just a protector of wildlife, focussing their attention on both sides of the fence. 

Conservation challenges, such as the loss of species and diversity, require us to focus our efforts on people as well as wildlife. We are actively working to alleviate human-wildlife conflict, conduct essential research and monitoring, and manage populations to ensure the future survival of desert-adapted elephants, black rhinos, giraffe and lions, as well as leopard and brown and spotted hyenas.


Conservation challenges such as the loss of species and diversity, require us to focus our efforts on people as well as wildlife.

The problem

Species that destroy livelihoods or have a high commercial value in the illegal wildlife trade are killed.

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The cause

Destruction of property or loss of life due to wildlife, with little economic incentive to protect species.

The solution

A simple, but highly effective approach, that fosters a newfound, locally-grown pro-rhino attitude.

Our approach to solving it

Together with partners like the Desert Lion Conservation Trust, Save the Rhino Trust, Skeleton Coast Brown Hyena Project, Lion Rangers of Namibia, and desert-adapted elephant researchers, we’re creating a world where unique wildlife thrives.


  • We can provide financial assistance to ranger development programmes.
  • Through long term tourism business partnerships and the subsequent revenue paid to communities, more rangers are able to be employed in these critical roles.
  • We also run ongoing fundraising initiatives with our guests to help support the operational costs, training and expansion of these ranger programmes.
  • Harnessing respected local people and their unrivalled skills, such as traditional foot tracking techniques and knowledge of the landscape, to monitor rather than poach rhino.

Rangers are employed from the local communities to protect rhino and in return they feel empowered, acting as champions for the species of concern.


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Our results and progress

Through our efforts and partnerships at Desert Rhino Camp in Namibia, our support of the Rhino Rangers programme has led to the decrease of poaching incidents on rhino, and thereby boosted the local rhino population.


Our support of Save the Rhino Trust, has also assisted with the expansion of the Rhino Ranger programme in the Nyae Nyae community conservancy on the north-east border of the country as part of the rhino range expansion objective of the region.


Project start date


Conservancy revenue increase


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Ranger numbers increase

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