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Monica Jooste


The complete renovation of our beautiful desert retreat is well on its way again. With our construction team back on site, a team from our Windhoek office, including Namibia’s Managing Director, Alexandra Margull, ventured to the camp to check on the building, firm up on plans and identify further experiences for our guests to enjoy... While the newly rebuilt Little Kulala remains very similar to the much-loved previous camp, the guest experience will be greatly enhanced and there are some wonderful new additions, like the all-new 100% solar energy system which will power the camp.





We caught up with the visiting team to find out what excites them most about the new camp.


The new camp has a clean, modern, fresh twist on the old one, with even more space and comfort to enjoy the incredible Namib Desert. The camp is all about celebrating one of the oldest deserts in the world, and not only bringing it alive, but showcasing its importance for our planet. We can’t wait to welcome guests to this part of the world”.


Alexandra Margull – Managing Director


“There is no denying the desert can be a harsh environment, but the moment you walk into the camp it is like a breath of fresh air. It is beautiful and well thought through in its design and comfort. As you get settled in camp, the more you come to realise what an incredible environment it is, and it surprises you how much there is to explore and learn. Our most recent visit opened up even more experiences, one of which is a low-impact zone for wellness, where guests will be have the option of self-guided or guided walks (or runs) and e-biking. This section of our property is spectacular and further exemplifies the diversity of this special place. To top it off, one of the most exciting things is the many ideas the Marketing Dept and our team have worked on to showcase this special place. We are very excited to share it with you all”.


Alex Chaplin – Chief Operations Manager





“I worked at Little Kulala many moons ago, and seeing this camp receiving much-needed attention is so exciting. The camp interiors will reflect the environment, in colours, textures and composition, basically, bringing the outside in. An exciting addition to the camp is the spa, a refuge where one can relax after climbing some of the highest dunes in the world, or to just simply be pampered – in direct contrast of the harsh elements of the desert. We also look forward to opening our new Safari Trading Store so that guests can take a piece of the Little Kulala experience home with them”.


Jennifer Fourie – Branding & Standards Officer





“The Namib is the oldest desert in the world, allowing time to shape the landscape, and unique and highly adapted fauna and flora in this exquisite environment. The opportunity to refresh and refurbish the camp has allowed us to also adapt and enhance the guest experience to celebrate the Namib’s geology, natural beauty, space, amazing night skies and special features that we look forward to sharing with our guests”.


Johan Fourie – Service Quality and Training Manager


“Little Kulala’s most visible improvement will be the new elevated walkways that have been constructed between all the rooms and the main area, making all areas easily accessible. They also give a really nice, almost bird’s-eye view of the surrounding desert we are celebrating. The upgrades to the rooms, which include aluminium window- and door frames, will allow guests to observe the extraordinary desert landscape from the comfort of their room. All the improvements will allow our guests to be truly blown away by the splendour of the Namib Desert, and our passionate guides cannot wait to get back into action and share their encyclopaedic knowledge with our esteemed guests”.





Gerhard Thirion – Explorations General Manager


“The Kulala Wilderness Reserve, being the most northern section of the Namib Rand area, is a critical area for episodic movement of wildlife as they follow their scarce resources and food for survival. The reserve forms the link between the extremely important and major drainage lines of the central Namib Desert and the surrounding pro-Namib, and major Namib sand sea. This link, coupled with the existing biodiversity and hyper-adaptation of desert organisms and plants of the area, makes this reserve one the most fascinating and important conservation areas in an already magnificent and ancient desert”.


Dr Conrad Brain – Sustainability and Conservation Officer


“Situated in south-western Namibia, in the oldest desert in the world, the newly refurbished Little Kulala will provide our best experience of the Namib Desert, and offer our guests an unforgettable safari. The fun activities we have in store include fairy-circle dinners, river oasis lunches, cultural campfire evenings and star gazing, using the latest technology to identify constellations from the roof of each unit. Little Kulala is also the best place to enjoy the quietness and the beauty of nature. Let’s start the adventures and enjoy the wilderness!”


Abner Simeon – Private Guide



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