20 Incredible Wildlife Images


Kate MacWilliam


In 2018 Wilderness Safaris joined forces with Olympus in an exciting partnership to enhance our wildlife photography experience in camps. The result of this partnership has produced incredible images taken by guests, guides and camp managers alike.


Olympus Photo Hubs, set up at selected camps across Botswana, Rwanda, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia, allow our guests to enjoy capturing images while our Wilderness photographic guides assist with sharing tips on how best to capture those powerful wilderness moments.


Nick Leuenberger, Field Operations Manager for Mombo and Vumbura camps, has shared his top 20 favourite Olympus-inspired images taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II.


Enjoy viewing these photographs that will hopefully inspire you to start planning your next wilderness adventure!


Two giraffes beautifully lit by the warm colours of a Mombo sunset.


The most striking birds in the bushveld? A close-up of a carmine bee-eater.


When a zebra gives you just the right smile for his ‘mugshot!’


The Beast – Lebankgara – one of the largest male lions in the Okavango; at Mombo.


Mauve hues. The sky turned an incredible colour at sunset while this pied kingfisher scouted for its next meal.


Hippo splash. This hippo was very unhappy when he saw our vehicle – he’d made himself comfortable in the flooded road just ahead of us. 


Giraffes are incredible animals with their long necks and striking patterns.  I enjoyed experimenting with this portrait in black and white.


Selonyana, the ‘Queen’ of the Vumbura Concession, and my favourite wild cat.


Look closely and you’ll see the reflection of our vehicle.


This sunset on its own was quite magical, but having a large elephant fill the frame made it even more so!


Sunsets and dragons…


I shared a powerful moment with this male lion when we made eye contact at Mombo.


Wrinkly skin and transfixing eyes.


Swamp cat reflection. A member of the Kubu Pride crosses a flooded road at Vumbura.


It’s not only about the big things… there’s beauty in everything when you take the time to look. Dragonfly at Vumbura Plains.


Selonyana with a monitor lizard kill, Vumbura Plains.


Mogaka, the dominant male in the northern section of Mombo. He was recently seen mating with both Marothodi and Phefo, ensuring that his genes live on!


The patterns of nature – an arrow-marked babbler.


Dagga boy close up. This buffalo bull was very curious and kept a close eye on us at Mombo.


The Kubu Pride on the move through the grasslands of Vumbura Plains.​​​​​​​

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