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Wilderness Mokete: Embracing the untamed wilderness through innovative design

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Wilderness Mokete represents a captivating fusion of architectural innovation and environmental respect. Guided by the vision of reMORPHED Arch & Design architects, and interior design team, Michele Throssell Interiors, the camp's design narrative intricately blends traditional textiles with contemporary forms to create a harmonious cultural tapestry.



“Just beyond the eastern edge of the Okavango Delta, trails converge at a tented camp uniquely positioned for complete immersion in the environment. The camp design is a heartfelt tribute to Africa and its untouched wonders, where the raw power of nature reigns supreme, juxtaposed with the refined elegance of European design. This tale is spun within the camp's interiors, where traditional textiles interlace with modern forms, weaving a story that honours the environment and celebrates the beauty of both continents”, noted Joe Throssell of Michele Throssell Interiors.


Neutral, earthy tones pay homage to the colour palette of the surrounding bush and are complemented by utilitarian furniture designs that are an amalgamation of typical safari campaigns, celebrating the mixture and contrast of white canvas and leather details. Accompanied by furniture profiles and artful lighting, these designs add a contemporary touch to the camp's aesthetic. The use of canvas, ripstop, and stainless steel in the soft furnishings highlight the camp's modern flair with a nod to European influences, while traditional safari elements like rope, grass, and woven elements soften the look, adding an African-inspired textural layer.


One of the standout features of Mokete's tented suites is the retractable ceiling in the bedrooms, allowing guests to stargaze at night. “Integrating this feature into the bedroom design at Mokete was an inspired choice that truly sets this camp apart. It offers guests a one-of-a-kind African night-time experience, immersing them in the beauty of the surrounding landscape”, added Jacques Viljoen of reMORPHED Arch & Design team. 


“Additionally, the unique and remote setting of this build provided us with an incredible canvas to work with. We were particularly captivated by the natural aerial patterns and colour palette of the area, which became foundational elements in our design concept. By artfully integrating light and shadow, we aimed to create a space that not only harmonises with its surroundings but also enhances the guest experience, bringing them closer to nature in every sense”, continued Jacques.


Mokete stands as a beacon of sustainability, fully off-grid and exclusively utilising renewable PV energy systems and on-site waste water management. Guided by Wilderness' light footprint ethos, the camp structures are strategically placed to minimise disturbance to natural flora. Passive design principles, including maximised natural ventilation, wide overhangs for shade, and a layered roof system further mitigate the camp's environmental impact while enhancing guest comfort. 

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Embracing a design philosophy that invites nature indoors, guest rooms feature larger-than-normal roll-up window flaps and skylights, allowing for an immersive experience of the African landscape and night sky. Public areas, adorned with patterned canopies, blur the distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing guests to commune with nature from every vantage point. In the warmer summer months, guests can retreat to their luxury suites, where private plunge pools ensure a refreshing dip and some reprieve from the midday heat, pre-afternoon siesta and the thrilling sunset game drive to follow. 


"This project exemplifies our dedication to crafting sustainable, immersive experiences that celebrate the beauty of Africa and together with my team, we eagerly await the opportunity to welcome our first guests here soon”, concluded Yompy Diye Kennetseng, Wilderness Mokete General Manager.

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