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Wilderness Mokete launches its world-class African fusion-inspired menu

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Wilderness has proudly introduced the culinary delights awaiting guests at its newest Botswana safari gem, Mokete. Here, the gastronomic journey mirrors the splendour of the African landscape, offering a fusion of traditional African flavours with contemporary interpretations of classic dishes, ensuring one-of-a-kind dining experiences for all guests.



At the helm is Head Chef Nkokeland Ntongwane, fondly known as Dave, a seasoned chef with over two decades of culinary mastery under his belt. Born and raised in Sankuyo, a small village in north-western Botswana, Dave's culinary journey commenced in nearby safari camps, where he quickly evolved into a chef trainer across Botswana. Since then, he’s been able showcase his unwavering commitment to culinary excellence and pass this passion onto many others.


"As a chef, I view every mealtime as an opportunity to celebrate the rich heritage and diversity of African cuisine. Leading our kitchen team in crafting the culinary offering at Mokete is a tremendous privilege for me personally. We are excited to embark on this culinary journey and share our food offerings in the coming months”, said Dave, 


Signature offerings include mouth-watering Biltong & Parmesan Pap Balls served with Chakalaka Chilli Relish and topped with microgreens. Adding to the gourmet manifesto are Chef Dave’s unique twists on classic dishes; the Caesar Salad, for example, features an amasi (a smooth and slightly sour, fermented milk product) dressing with quail eggs, while the Tabbouleh Salad is also given his special stamp – made with maize meal, an African staple, he has transformed the traditional bulgur wheat Tabbouleh to Phuhtu Tabbouleh, reflecting the culinary heritage of the continent.


In this setting, the legacy of the quintessential safari-style high tea reaches new heights, with the vast and rugged Mababe landscape creating a dramatic backdrop to the abundant array of afternoon snacks. A beloved tradition for all guests, served daily before sunset game drives, high tea provides guests with the opportunity to sample local delicacies, from classic sweet treats to traditional African savoury bites. These are complemented by freshly-squeezed juices, a variety of premium teas, invigorating iced coffee or a selection of craft cocktails, adding to the epicurean adventure.

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Brunch at Mokete is an especially sociable dining experience, with alternating buffet meals and harvest tables that bring guests together to share stories and relive sightings from their early morning starts. Dinners offer guests the opportunity for privacy and a touch of candlelit romance, featuring private dining setups, complemented by buffet-style service.


This unveiling of Mokete’s menu also echoes Wilderness' dedication to lightening its "foodprint," addressing the environmental impact of providing world-class menus and multi-sensory meals for guests. Recognising the carbon-intensive nature of food production and transportation, Wilderness strives to enhance sustainability across its operations, while ensuring guests at luxury camps like Mokete indulge in an exceptional culinary journey. By infusing the menu with local, seasonal produce, the team is showcasing their African heritage, but also significantly reducing ecological impact, aligning with Wilderness’ commitment to conservation and responsible tourism.

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