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Wilderness Mokete: pioneering conservation tourism in Botswana

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Renowned for its four decades of conservation tourism in Botswana, Wilderness proudly unveiled its first photographic safari lodge set in the expansive Mababe Wilderness Area in July 2024. Wilderness Mokete, built with a light footprint and committed to conservation and community empowerment, marks a significant step in pioneering conservation tourism to this extraordinary region.



Situated within a 50,000ha private concession, the land forms part of what researchers call the Central Conservation Areas – a vitally important part of the larger northern Botswana conservation landscape, providing critical migration corridors and access to wet season grazing for large herbivores that move in and out of the large reserves and national parks. By spearheading sustainable tourism initiatives here, Wilderness Mokete aims to safeguard these noteworthy ecosystems through high-value, low-impact photographic tourism.


“At Wilderness, we are constantly striving to increase our positive footprint and to grow our conservation and hospitality model into new areas. At Mokete, our vision is to optimise the benefits for all involved parties. By ensuring the concession is used to the greatest beneficial effect, the land creates more employment, generates returns for the community and greater tax revenues for the Government – all while providing guests with an immersive and life-changing safari experience”, noted Wesley Hartmann, Wilderness Botswana Conservation Ecologist.





Offering exciting opportunities for local employment and job creation, Mokete is committed to hiring 49 employees from the local community. Emphasising skills development and cultural immersion, the camp is committed to enhancing the capabilities of its employees while providing guests with an authentic luxury safari experience. 


Established in collaboration with the Mababe Zokotsama Community Development Trust (NG41), Mokete ensures that mutual needs are addressed and guided by government directives, and that the benefits of tourism are shared equitably. This includes the support of the Trust through the introduction of a cultural visitor encounter, fully owned by the community which further enriches the unique guest experience, while supporting local initiatives. 





Mokete invites guests to "feast on the unexplored", promising an unparalleled adventure tailored for seasoned safari enthusiasts seeking novelty and thrill. Not for the faint-hearted, the camp caters to repeat safari-goers or adventurous travellers seeking to embrace the raw beauty of nature and thrilling wildlife in uncharted territory – from witnessing the awe-inspiring spectacle of buffalo herds numbering in the thousands, to the enthralling hunt of lions, hyenas and wild dogs in the open grasslands, guests will revel in the abundance of wildlife found here.


Mababe is an area of huge ecological significance, made up of three key habitats: grassland, wetlands and mopane woodland. It harbours a marsh which fills in the summer season, creating a wetland of some 2,600 hectares, serving as a sanctuary for diverse wildlife, and a vital habitat for numerous bird species. Recognised as an Important Bird Area, the region teems with buzzards, falcons, owls, eagles and vultures, underscoring its value.


With a strict cap of 18 guests, Wilderness Mokete ensures an intimate and exclusive experience, fostering a deeper connection with nature. The camp's purposeful build and minimalist design features nine tents elevated on low wooden decks, while the main area rests on a raised wooden deck. Full solar power and inverter air conditioning ensure this camp echoes the Wilderness ethos of prioritising environmental stewardship and minimal footprint.





"Wilderness Mokete symbolises our unwavering commitment to sustainable tourism practices, community empowerment, and biodiversity conservation in Botswana's cherished wilderness areas. We invite you to be part of this journey and witness the impactful contributions of Mokete first-hand”, concluded Wesley.

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