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As a testament to its commitment to community welfare and conservation, the Wilderness Trust contributed BWP21,700 to aid the recent vaccination and sterilisation of domestic dogs in Mababe village, neighbouring the new Wilderness Mokete Camp due to open later this month.  


Spearheaded by the Maun Animal Welfare Society (MAWS), in collaboration with Botswana Predator Conservation (BPC), this initiative aligns with MAWS' broader, annual vaccination and sterilisation campaign encompassing Khwai, Mababe, Sankuyo and Shorobe villages. Situated along the borders of the Moremi Game Reserve and adjacent Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs), these villages play a crucial role in preserving regional biodiversity.



"This vaccination initiative, coupled with ongoing booster programmes, holds critical significance in establishing a protective buffer against disease transmission to wild dog populations. MAWS' commendable efforts not only safeguard wildlife but also help to mitigate human-wildlife conflict – a focus area that ties into Wilderness’ core Impact pillars of Empower, Educate and Protect”, noted Vince Shacks, Wilderness Group Impact Manager.


MAWS, a registered non-profit veterinary service provider equipped with qualified and Botswana-registered veterinarians, leads the drive to safeguard both African wild dog populations and domestic animal health. Given the limited access to veterinary services in rural communities, domestic dogs often serve as vectors for disease transmission. In the case of Mababe, the domestic dog population is also on an unsustainable, increasing population trajectory without sterilisations.


The vaccination regimen comprises a comprehensive 5-in-1 vaccine, guarding against canine distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza, two adenovirus strains (hepatitis) and rabies. Additionally, animals are dewormed and receive treatment for flea and tick infestations. Notably, any cats encountered are also vaccinated and provided with parasite treatment, ensuring a holistic approach to community animal welfare.





MAWS offers these vaccinations and sterilisations for free to the communities who turn up in large numbers to take advantage of this opportunity. From 22-24 April 2024, the mobile clinic operated adjacent to the Kgotla, where volunteer veterinary surgeons Gina Robinsons and Corinne Lendon, along with MAWS assistants and Wilderness’ Attorney Vasco, delivered dedicated support. Throughout this period, 37 animals underwent successful sterilisation procedures as well as parasite treatments, and puppies received vaccination boosters.


“This impactful initiative aligns with our mission, especially as we look forward to the imminent opening of Wilderness Mokete, situated right here in the heart of the Mababe Depression. This region, where our vaccination efforts are focused, reflects our commitment to prioritising initiatives that directly benefit the closest communities and environments in need”, confirmed Attorney Vasco, Wilderness Botswana PR & Community Relations Manager.


All interested parties are encouraged to actively contribute to these vital conservation efforts by visiting the website here, where they can gain further insight into Wilderness’ ongoing initiatives and contribute to conserving Africa’s untamed places ecological diversity, while promoting the harmonious co-existence of local communities and wildlife. 


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