Wilderness Desert Rhino Camp rebuild renders


Desert Rhino Camp

Roam with rhinos.


A desert sanctuary. A refuge for rhinos. An escape for explorers. Immerse yourself in a place where everything has meaning.


Wilderness Desert Rhino Camp

Designed for desert wanderers


From humble beginnings as a field station dedicated to helping protect Namibia’s last remaining wild black rhino to a thriving community partnership. A place where intrepid travellers find comfort in one of the last untouched places on Earth and some of the world’s rarest animals find peace and protection – this is Wilderness Desert Rhino Camp.

Desert Rhino Camp Namibia Iconic


Amid the vastness of Damaraland's extraordinary vistas, the newly reimagined Wilderness Desert Rhino Camp emerges. From the starkly beautiful and arid landscape, it is something to behold. Six contemporary canvas and stone suites offer a sheltered oasis, intimately connected to the Namibian landscape.
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Wilderness Desert Rhino Camp

Breathless. Humbled. Proud. When you see one of the world’s last free-roaming black rhinos you’ll feel it all at once. Your stay at Wilderness Desert Rhino Camp directly contributes to the ongoing quest for survival that these animals face. It’s a safari experience where every moment is intrinsically linked to community and conservation.


Desert Rhino Camp Namibia Purpose

Protecting black rhinos

Amongst dramatic flat-topped mountains, wind-sculpted sandstone cliffs, and dry riverbeds, only the toughest survive. And through our conservation efforts, and our voyager guests, we’re helping them do so. At Wilderness Desert Rhino Camp, we’ve partnered with three local community conservancies and Save the Rhino Trust Namibia, to defend, preserve, and expand these iconic desert wilds.






Desert Rhino Camp experiences

By day, track, walk and drive as you explore how desert adaptation is a necessity, and learn all about the life that survives in this arid land. Welcome the night, sitting around the camp fire sharing stories beneath the magic of an impossibly starry sky.  A truly authentic African adventure.


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Eruptions 125 million years ago, when Africa and South America were joined as Gondwana, created the astonishing basalt landscape of Palmwag, stretching some 583,000 hectares. It’s a harsh, arid landscape that is bound to delight and surprise, with all the life it supports.

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Camp awards

Wilderness Desert Rhino Camp is a beacon of conservation tourism. Over decades of operation, its success has paved the way for many sustainable safaris to follow suit. The hard work of our teams on the ground and the communities we work alongside have been recognised through numerous awards. And we couldn’t be prouder.
Sustainable Development Finalist 2022

Tripadvisor COE 2019

Experiential Travel Award 2014

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Desert Rhino Camp featured stories

Wilderness Desert Rhino Camp has many stories to share. And it’s no surprise with its unique wildlife, beautiful scenery, fascinating history, and community and culture at its core. We would love to share our tales from the Namib Desert with you and hope that one day you too will have your own stories to share.
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