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Plains of Plenty 

Wilderness Shumba Camp invites you to an intimate and exclusive bush experience in wildlife-rich Busanga Plains in Zambia.  


Wilderness Shumba

Safari elegance in the remote Zambian wilderness.


Shumba opens for just five months each year, making this seasonal camp one of the most exclusive safari destinations  in Africa. Expect front-row seats to dramatic and thrilling wildlife encounters.

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Remote and exclusive, Shumba occupies its own little island in the midst of the Busanga Plains, overlooking miles of floodplains threaded with channels. There are just six luxury suites here, built on raised wooden platforms to observe the wilderness from every angle. Marvel at the Plains’ lion dynamics, relax in your spacious tented suite and later, dine sumptuously under the stars.
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Delectable meals focus on Zambian cuisine, many cooked on an open fire and served under the stars in a picture-perfect, starlit boma. For the ultimate bush experience head into the Plains for a brunch you’ll never forget. And toast the setting sun with one of our famous signature cocktails.
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Wilderness Shumba

Kafue’s Busanga Plains is so far off the beaten track, it’s utterly unspoilt. And every season the rains come in and reset the balance. The guides at Shumba have a deep connection to the wildlife, and love heading back in the dry season to see which lions are around, and whether there are new leopards or cubs in the area. It’s an authentic wildlife safari treasure.


Wilderness Shumba Purpose Impact

Wilderness Shumba impact

For seven months each year, life around Shumba remains a glorious, wild mystery. Then, the waters recede, and the wilderness becomes a safari wonderland. It’s this extraordinary privilege, not profit, that keeps us here. And helps us continue to protect our wild areas through supporting anti-poaching efforts and creating employment.






Shumba experiences

Is there anything more humbling and beautiful than finding oneself in a vast landscape with wildlife as far as the eye can see? Witnessing the raw beauty of it all unfold. The thrill of a lion hunt. Boating past snorting hippo pods. The iconic cry of a fish-eagle. Rising before the sun to admire lechwe in the misty 'Plains of Plenty'.


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Shumba is located in the northern region of Zambia’s enormous Kafue National Park, in a wildlife paradise known as Busanga Plains. It’s an area considered to be one of Zambia’s most important wetlands, with a wealth of plains game, predators and over 500 species of birds. Highlights include Fülleborn’s longclaw, Chaplin’s barbet (the country’s only endemic bird) and Böhm’s bee-eaters.

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