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Tubu Tree

A treetop hideaway

One of Earth’s ultimate untamed places. Wilderness Tubu Tree is tucked deep in the Hunda Island of the Okavango Delta.


Wilderness Tubu Tree

Real. Raw. Wilderness.


Tubu Tree is the ultimate setting for exhilarating wildlife encounters. Elevated tents on raised platforms offer breathtaking views and easy access to a vast wilderness teeming with iconic African wildlife.   



Wilderness Tubu Botswana Hunda Island Floodplains


Wilderness Tubu Tree is picture perfect. From arguably Africa’s finest little bar, shaded by the tree canopy, to its elegant tents and family unit built into the trees. The spacious tents are connected to the lounge areas by elevated wooden walkways. An intimate space with glorious views across the floodplains, ideal for a safari with close friends and families.
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Our guests’ food experience is a journey in itself, and we want you to feel truly indulged as you discover local ingredients and learn about Tubu Tree’s spectacular area. We believe that the more food is locally grown, the more we can manage it from Earth to plate – to reduce our foodprint, strengthen our ties with the community and create a healthier, more harmonious environment for all of us.
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Wilderness Tubu Tree

Listen out for the spine-tingling cry of the fish-eagle among hundreds of other birds, as your mokoro glides past waterlilies and tiny reed frogs. Feel your heart race on a boat ride past hippos, crocs, or even rare sitatungas. Try your hand at catch-and-release fishing, or take to the skies by helicopter, soaring above the Okavango Delta’s expanse.


Wilderness Tubu Tree Botswana Wildlife Buffalo

A quest to conserve & protect

Tubu Tree is nestled in one of the Okavango Delta’s most stunning wildlife-rich areas. Home to herds of red lechwe, lions, leopards and pods of hippos, as well as myriad smaller creatures. In our quest to conserve and protect the world’s most iconic wildlife destinations, we are intimately involved in projects that support sustainable conservation, specifically curbing poaching and overfishing.






Tubu Tree experiences

Start the day with a smile as you watch a family of elephants come into camp to shake their breakfast off nearby palm trees. Head out on a rewarding game drive across the vast plains spotting wildlife: lions, leopards, hyenas, zebras, wildebeest, giraffes, scores of brilliant birds. Take to the waters on a mokoro or boat, past mud-caked hippos, tiny reed frogs, kingfishers, and more.


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Located in north-western Botswana, the Okavango Delta is the world’s largest inland delta. Weaving through this wilderness is a rich network of channels, lined with towering papyrus and reeds. Famous for its abundant wildlife and predator sightings, Tubu Tree is set on Hunda Island, in the west of the beautiful Jao Reserve.

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