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There’s nothing like it


Here predators meet prey in a beautifully brutal dance of life and death on the eternal plains.


Wilderness Mokete

A thrilling new Botswana adventure awaits


In our search for the most raw, remote, and untamed places on the planet, we discovered somewhere so wild, so abundant with life, it left us breathless, and a little bit emotional. Now it’s your chance to join us and explore where few have ventured before. Be one of the first to venture to this brand new camp in a completely untouched area, where Wilderness is pioneering a safari experience unlike any you’ve seen before.



To place you in the heart of the drama, we’ve forgone walls and added cantilevered canvas roofs that slide away, revealing never-ending stars. Accommodating just 18 guests in nine tents, pioneering Mokete promises intimate encounters all year. Whether sharing a drink with elephants in the middle of the day, or hearing hyena calls in the dead of night, it’s a feast for the senses.
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Forget conventional safari times. We’ll pack you a bush lunch to enjoy with zebras and elephants, ensuring you never miss a moment of the action. In camp, sip on a sundowner overlooking the uninterrupted grassland, the curvature of the Earth discernible on the distant horizon. Or sit suspended under the stars for an alfresco dining experience, reminiscing over the marsh owls you spotted earlier.
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Wilderness Mokete

Lions actively hunt throughout the day while a high density of hyenas constantly compete with other predators; cheetah, wild dog, bat-eared fox, jackal, African wild cat and serval. The mopane belt to the east of the great plains is home to leopard and numerous woodland species, while the edges of the marsh have prolific bird life. It’s a thrilling, non-stop show, and a photographer’s dream.



Through high-value, low-impact photographic tourism, we aim to help conserve one of our planet’s last remaining wild sanctuaries. Wildlife aside, this area is worth protecting for the birds alone. There are fantastic numbers of buzzards, falcons, owls, eagles and vultures. Another reason Mokete is intentionally minimalist, ensuring the lightest footprint on the land.






Mokete experiences

Ditch the conventional safari at Mokete, where time is dictated by nature. Spend entire days on the plains, following a cheetah family or lion pride through the highs and lows of a hunt. Or venture out after dark to see what has whipped the hyenas into a frenzy. And when you think you simply can’t take in any more, head to the skies and soar above in a helicopter.


Explore Mokete

Situated between two national parks, Mokete sits in a privileged position. Nutrient-rich grasses are fed with a constant supply of water, supporting an amazing ecosystem with great herds, an abundance of predators and a plethora of birdlife. Every year the marsh is replenished, welcoming wildlife from all directions in search of this precious life source.

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When we say we’re there every step of the way, we mean it, literally. From planning the perfect circuit, to private inter-camp transfers on Wilderness Air, and easing you through Customs. We’re with you on the ground, at your side, 24-7, from start to finish. Ready to take the road less travelled? Contact our Travel Designers to plan an unforgettable journey.