Meet Reflex Mbomboro: When Children in the Wilderness Supports the Education of Students

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Josephine Bestic


Reflex Mbomboro, star student from Braunfels Agriculture High School, sent us this heartwarming thank-you: “It’s my greatest pleasure and heartfelt gratitude that I may write this letter to you.


“My name is Reflex Mbomboro, aged 19 years from Sesfontein village up in Kunene Region. I was a student at Braunfels Agriculture High School from 2015-2019.


“Well, I would like to extend my thanks to Children in The Wilderness (CITW) for the assistance accorded to me all my school life. With the assistance I got from CITW I managed to be a Dux Learner and the top performer of my school.


“I am grateful for that. Now that I managed to get 23 points in 5 subjects, I would like to study for a Bachelor’s of Travel and Tourism Management.


"Finally, I wholeheartedly appreciate your support. Thank you that you made my education, my future, your priority. "


Congratulations Reflex, we are so proud of you!


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