Biography: Angelus Karangwa – Bisate Lodge Head Chef

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Josephine Bestic


Angelus joined the Bisate kitchen team in 2018 as a Sous Chef. A hard-working and energetic young man, with his commitment and talent he thoroughly deserves this exciting new challenge of heading up the team of Bisate chefs, and ensuring that all guests enjoy the delicious, freshly prepared dishes at the Lodge and Kwanda.





Becoming the Head Chef at Bisate is a dream come true for Angelus, having started his career in the kitchen over seven years ago, but especially now, having worked at Bisate Lodge for three years.


Angelus was born in 1991 but does not have many memories of his early childhood as he grew up in an orphanage run by nuns, after losing all his family members in 1994 genocide. “Life in the orphanage was hard and I needed to keep hope for the future. I always told myself that it does not matter if life is hard today, as tomorrow it will be better”, says Angelus. When he was young he kept his motivation to try and improve his life, imagining that one day he would become a soldier, a priest or a politician.





Angelus completed his secondary schooling in 2013, and thereafter graduated as a primary school teacher. After completing this degree, he approached an organisation called Global Foundation, which sponsored students for short courses, as he wanted to take lessons at a driving school, thinking it would be cool to be able to drive a car. At that moment the driving school was full, and the study leaders advised him to do a cooking course at a hospitality school instead. Angelus did not think that was a good idea at first, as surely a culinary course was something more suitable for ladies... little did he know how much he would love it, and that he would discover his passion for cooking.


“My love for preparing meals grew during my internship in a hotel restaurant in Kigali. The executive chef there taught me many things, especially to work hard and to be humble. I am still appreciating his life lessons, especially now that my dreams are coming true as the Head Chef at Bisate Lodge”.





Angelus lives in Musanze, the closest town to Bisate Lodge. He does not have any family, but his friends and work colleagues are like his brothers and sisters, and he has a loving and supportive girlfriend. Angelus has also adopted and financially supports two children so that they can go to school. “I like to take this responsibility so that I can give back to the community, and give children a chance in the same way that I got that chance. When I am at home I like to watch movies, to be creative with crafts, and listen to traditional and reggae music.


The Bisate menu comprises seasonal ingredients for freshness, the majority of which are picked fresh from the garden, or supplied by nearby communities. Angelus especially enjoys preparing the Lodge’s popular Chicken, Lime & Avocado Consomme, the Bisate Butter Chicken with Tree Tomato Salsa, Nasturtium Raita & Labneh, and the Beetroot Tagliatelle with Pistachio Pesto.





“What I love most about working in the Bisate kitchen is the respect, and the sharing of responsibilities, among the kitchen staff. In a way you can compare this to a group of soldiers working together with a common goal to give the best result. I hope to be at Bisate Lodge for a very long time, and together with the team, grow within the company.


“Our interaction with guests is amazing, especially when they request the recipes, and are so happy with the food prepared for them. I like to share our Rwandan culture with the guests too… the way traditional dishes are prepared, but also our traditional songs and dance. I also love working in the Bisate vegetable gardens, and picking the fresh ingredients for our dishes. I am looking forward to welcoming many guests to Bisate Lodge”, concludes Angelus.



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