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This week’s #IDreamOfAfrica theme focuses around the Sounds of Africa. Africa is an exploration of the senses, and one of its most powerful is sound – from the chirp of a grasshopper and the roar of a lion to the sublime sounds of a camp choir singing around the fire at night.

We will be sharing some of our favourite sounds from the wilderness, as well as the stories of what these sounds mean to us and the memories they invoke. We would also like to hear from you… What are your favourite sounds from the bush? Do you remember beating the drums while our staff sang and danced around the camp fire?


Sound has a great way of playing on our emotions and our physical being – think of the calming effect of a river as the water rushes along, bringing life to everything it touches. Or the startling noise of a twig breaking underfoot while you walk quietly through the bush, led by your trusty guide. These sounds make your heart race and slow all in an instant, and we hope to share this powerful sensation with you as we explore some of our favourite sounds of Africa.

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To keep you dreaming of our amazing continent, why not start with this African-themed playlist we have compiled, and get your senses ready for an African take-over.

"The Earth has music for those who listen. "

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