I Dreamed of Africa – A Poem by Doris Maziwisa

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Doris Maziwisa


A poem is a collection of spoken or written words that expresses ideas or emotions in a powerfully vivid and imaginative style. After our I Dream of Africa Poetry Week we received many great lyrical contributions – from guests and staff alike. Here is another moving poem written Mombo Housekeeping manager Doris Maziwisa.

I Dreamed of Africa

With purpose landmarked in the form of an intriguing feature
I dreamed of Africa

In its majestic originality and enchanted forests
Mountainous ‘scapes full of life and plentiness
I dreamed of Africa

Co-existing with flora and fauna in harmony
Generously giving to its co-habitants
Receiving generously to balance its existence
I dreamed of Africa

Reigning of glorious untamed waterfalls
Creating natural channels through unimaginable paths
Making desirable destinations
I dreamed of Africa

Erupting natural forces barracking from vultures of unknown sources
Timidly acknowledging
Mother Nature’s seat of authority
I dreamed of Africa

Dreaming of Africa
I dreamed of Africa

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