A Zambian Poem from Eddie Mudzimu 'Our Ruckomechi'

Cultures & Communities

Eddie Mudzimu


There is a place that I dream of and yearn for;
There is a name I hear calling in a subtle voice;
There is a river whose waters alone can quench my thirst;
There is a place that draws me physically and emotionally;
That place, that name, that river is Ruckomechi –
The land of my people.





This is our Ruckomechi:
Ruckomechi, the life-sustaining river;
Ruckomechi, the beautiful and serene camp;
Ruckomechi, the people and their rich history;
Ruckomechi, the concession teeming with wildlife, big and small,
The flying, the crawling, the walking –
Ruckomechi, the jewel of Mana Pools.





Ruckomechi speaks;
Ruckomechi calls;
Ruckomechi bites;
Ruckomechi is both magical and mythical;
Ruckomechi always has a surprise up her sleeve.
You can never get enough of Ruckomechi.





Truly, the Gods of the Valley loved Ruckomechi –
The Kahila Mountains to the north, the Great Escarpment to the south,
Nyakasanga River to the west,
Ruckomechi River to the east –
Ruckomechi found favour in the eyes of the Gods.





Ruckomechi is not just a camp;
Ruckomechi is not just the life thriving here in abundance;
Ruckomechi means more than the flora and fauna;
Ruckomechi is not just spellbinding sunsets and sunrises;
Ruckomechi is not just the calming flow of the Zambezi as she cascades quietly to the oceans and yonder;
Ruckomechi is the place to find your love of nature and love for life.





I will go to Ruckomechi for Ruckomechi will always be calling;
I will heed her call.
I will live in Ruckomechi for Ruckomechi lives in me.

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