Zimbabwe's Legendary Guides: Meet Nyengedzayi Kazingizi

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Nyengedzavi Kazingizi


My name is Nyenge, and I am an addict. A wildlife photography addict, that is!


I grew up partly in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, and partly in Murehwa, my rural home located north-east of the capital. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Murehwa, as it would allow me to spend time in the bush, away from the city. I spent much more time playing outdoors than any of the other young boys my age.


In these early days I’m told I used to run away from school to spend time in the bush. This was until my mum came to pick me up and transfer our family back to the city. I joined the Cub Scouts the very same term that I started at Seke 5 Primary School in Chitungwiza. I believe my passion for guiding grew during these early years as a Boy Scout.


In the mid 90s I moved to Kariba where I stayed with my uncle. Kariba became the place where my guiding career was launched, and it has remained home for me ever since.

"Working for Wilderness Safaris has given me the opportunity to share my talents in guiding, meet wonderful people from all over the world and continue to learn each and every day "

My wife and I are blessed with four children, three boys and a girl. I would love to take my great grandchildren camping in the bush to show them the wonderful wildlife I have been privileged to work alongside: elephant, lion, impala, wild dog…


Working for Wilderness Safaris has given me the opportunity to share my talents in guiding, meet wonderful people from all over the world and continue to learn each and every day.


This is my fifth season at Ruckomechi and I love the diversity of wildlife found here. I think the wildlife has become accustomed to our presence and the comings and goings of staff – running the camp for the dry season, closing for six months and returning again the following year to start a new season! Wildlife sightings are never guaranteed – the photos we share of amazing sightings require hard work, and it’s always incredibly rewarding when you find an animal such as a leopard or lion, or a large herd of buffalo.



I am a guide at work, but a father at home and need to make up for the months spent away from my family. I enjoy being at home, and always make the most of being with my wife, children and hometown friends.


If you don’t already know, photography is addictive. Once you have a good camera, you are down, hook, line and sinker. Olympus is one such machine which may look daunting, but yet is so simple to use. Using Olympus has been a whole new experience for me and has offered a new appreciation for photography and capturing the moments we are privileged to witness at Ruckomechi. I am addicted!

I started my studies in guiding with a group of other young men my age. I also began working for Wild Environment Zimbabwe as a ranger, where my job involved doing snare sweeps in the area around Kariba. I later joined Dendera Adventures as a trainee guide in Mana Pools. At this time I was preparing for my Learner Guide examinations, which I did not pass on my first attempt. In February 1998 I passed and was elated.


In 1999 I joined Zim Sun Safaris. Zim Sun had an excellent in-house training programme for guides, which I become part of. I was so happy after it was announced that I had come second in the class of eight candidates! In 2000 I sat for my Full License theory, which I passed in February. In March that same year I married my long-time girlfriend, Samaria. I completed my practical exams in October 2001 – a two-week process that I was extremely happy to pass! Of the 54 candidates invited to write the exam, only six of us passed. My qualifications include walking safaris, boating, canoeing and game drives.


Tourism has been unfortunately affected by politics in Zimbabwe, and after I passed my exams I became a driver at a resort in Kariba to earn a living during the dark early days. When tourism started to pick up, I was invited to be a freelance guide at various lodges in Mana Pools, before starting work at Ruckomechi Camp in March 2015.


Guiding is an exciting career, since one never stops learning. It is my desire to make everyone I meet in life understand the importance of our surroundings – that our planet is not home to us alone, but to other living creatures as well.

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