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At Wilderness, every day is a celebration of the many unique talents, diverse voices, and incredible work within our family. This International Women’s Day, we’d like to spread a little extra love and thanks to the many phenomenal women of Wilderness, who weave their inspiration and femininity into our daily adventures.


Join us for a virtual stroll through their diverse regions, terrains and titles, where a remarkable 40% of our business thrives under the dynamic leadership and contribution of women. These ladies are not just shaping the landscapes of our business, but are also leaving a lasting mark on their communities. It's not just about jobs; it's about the stories and impact these women bring to our untamed world of adventure. 

Aminata Jackson

Learner Guide, Wilderness Zimbabwe


Aminata Jackson works as a learner guide at all three of our camps in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, but at the moment is based at Wilderness Davison's. Aminata thrives on the continuous learning she finds in nature. She says, “I enjoy that, whenever I'm out about in nature, I'm always learning something new and get to appreciate the beauty of the environment I'm in up close.

“Working for Wilderness, I've come out of my shell, overcome fears, bolstered my confidence, and felt empowered in being the best female guide I can be. It's been such a life changing experience, and I'm grateful they saw the potential I have and honed into it, believing that together we can bring about change, encouraging more women to follow their passion of being a guide and custodians of nature here in Zimbabwe".

Assiat Ingabare

Professional Guide, Wilderness Rwanda


Assiat, our trailblazing guide in Rwanda, is the first female guide to obtain the FGASA certificate in the country. It’s a certification that is highly regarded in the industry and adds tremendous value to Wilderness Magashi guests’ guided experience in Akagera National Park.

Her journey with Wilderness aligns with her passion for conservation and breaking barriers, as she paves the way for women in guiding. “I joined the Wilderness Magashi team as I was confident that the company’s conservation ethos would help me fulfil my dream to show the younger generation of female safari guides that high-level guiding for women is possible. I am really proud to be the first female guide to obtain the FGASA certificate in Rwanda, and look forward to continuing my growth in this field”, Assiat says.  

Rose Mabiza

Wilderness Air Pilot, Wilderness Botswana


Flying high above the Okavango Delta, Rose Mabiza is one of our soaring ladies at Wilderness Air in Botswana. According to Rose, it was thanks to her mother being such a strong female role model that she was able to challenge preconceptions about appropriate roles for women in her culture. Today, Rose not only connects our guests to camps, but is also a great inspiration to other local women interested in becoming pilots.

But when asked what she loves most about her job, Rose says she especially enjoys the cosmopolitan ambience at Wilderness Air, where pilots, ground crew and managers come from many walks of life, all having travelled different routes before landing in Maun. Rose cites the company’s team spirit and the willingness of every Wilderness Air employee to help each other to grow, not just as aviators but as individuals, as one of the most rewarding aspects of her role. 

Anivia Peace Muteteri

Wilderness Bisate Trainee Manager, Wilderness Rwanda


Anivia isn't just managing, she's leading the way as a Trainee Manager at Bisate, a job she says allows her to showcase her personality while being challenged every day. But her deep connection with Wilderness goes beyond the workplace. When asked what makes her get up every day and go to work, she says, “I love working for Wilderness in every way! 

"I not only feel like I am at home, but I feel like I am with my family every day. I have freedom to love what I do with the support of the company. There is a lot of room for growth if I work hard. I also love how Wilderness promotes community and employs local people to do the jobs in the lodge which helps to grow and improve many lives". Through earned trust, Anivia also serves as one of the elected staff representatives for her team.

Miriam Tichapondwa

Acting Chief of Operations, Wilderness Botswana


Meet Miriam, the inspirational dynamo leading the way as the Acting Chief of Operations in Botswana. For 18 years she’s been helping to create unforgettable travel experiences for Wilderness Botswana’s guests, and her commitment goes beyond just a job; it's a passion for excellence that reverberates throughout the Okavango and beyond. 

In fact, Miriam’s goal is to be actively involved in the development and promotion of tourism in Botswana, as well as encouraging and inspiring young Batswana to take pride in and ownership of the unique gem that is their country. She notes, “Everything exists for a purpose, and I simply love being part of a business that is dedicated to making the world a better place, for us and for future generations – through the protection of our wilderness areas and through education and empowerment of the communities in the areas in which we operate. It is a win-win for me because as our business goals and purpose are achieved, by default I also achieve my personal goals, securing a proud heritage for my children".

Agnes Tjirare-Kerii

CITW Culture & Stakeholder Manager, Wilderness Namibia


Agnes’s impactful story spans 13 years with Wilderness, climbing from camp waitress to her current role. Today, she drives a number of culture-related projects in iorder to positively impact a variety of schools and communities across Namibia. 

“I have been privileged to work for an organisation that is so passionate about making a difference to local communities, encouraging me to also inspire positive action within my own spheres of influence. I am proud of the work that we continue to do in our communities and look forward to touching the lives of many more children and individuals through my position,” says Agnes. 

It's a role that has seen her recognised among the Top 100 Young African Conservation Leaders, with her passion for education and environmental awareness a beacon in Namibian tourism. 

Linda van Rensburg

Group Food Experience Manager, Wilderness South Africa


Linda ensures that the Wilderness experience is not just about adventure but also about savouring the flavours of the journey. With over two decades with Wilderness, she helps to infuse every adventure with culinary delight, crafting innovative menus that perfectly complement our extraordinary camp settings. 

From opening a training and test kitchen in Botswana, to creating a culture of food growing across our regions, she is all about serving local, exceeding expectations, and coming up with new, innovative menus that complement the beautiful bush surroundings of the camps.


“I feel privileged to work for a company that gives back to our people – both internally and externally – and conservation. I love passing on my knowledge through development and training local chefs in all the regions where we operate. I am also really looking forward to being involved in the development of some of the new properties we will be launching in the near future, creating amazing dining experiences in the best locations”, she says.

Alexandra Margull

Chief Operating Officer, Wilderness Namibia


Alexandra is a powerhouse on the Wilderness Executive Committee. It was under her guidance back in 2011, that the Wilderness Business School was established, creating a powerful forum for employees to learn new leadership and business skills, and encourage change management to grow the business. Through her strong, capable leadership, Wilderness continues to grow from strength to strength.

It's also a role she is extremely passionate about, noting, “I love being a part of this dynamic company, where our whole ethos revolves around positively impacting people and wildlife. I know that with my experience, I can continue to make a difference and move the business forward, while retaining Wilderness’ renowned standards of operation and service delivery".






As we mark International Women's Day, we celebrate the above dynamic women but our entire fun and fearless team. And for all ladies thinking of following a wild career path, we’ll leave you with this quote, and hope that your day ends with a befitting African sunset backdrop, marking the occasion in true Wilderness style.



“Stand up for your destiny. The key is in your hand to unlock every single opportunity you want to grab. It is time to be the best. The Number 1 champion. And nothing less. Rise and shine!”
Onnie Mokenti
Wilderness Botswana


International Woman's Day

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