Called by the Wild


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Eddie Mudzimu


It doesn’t matter where your call hails from, we all share one common yearning – the CALL OF THE WILD. The enthusiastic, the passionate, the ambitious and the adventurous, all share this deep-rooted sense of the wilderness.



At times it’s seems very audible, but many times it comes quietly from within, when you reminisce on past experiences. In dreams the call can also be heard. A small but insistent voice inside your heart, soul and mind… the outdoors, calling you. It could be a loud, trumpeting call from the wilderness that you hear. When it sinks in you find it’s really not a dream but the wild, calling.


You know it’s the calming sound of nature. It’s the mesmerising view of the bush stretching to the horizon.


Succumbing to the lure of the Smoke that Thunders, you will be awed by the sheer magnificence of the largest curtain of falling water in the world. Whisked into a vortex of sheer enjoyment.



The purity of an authentic African story, retold under the stars, awaits.


Nights in the bush are gloriously and unexpectedly dazzling, with thousands and thousands of fireflies reflecting the star-studded night sky. Always an absolutely perfect end to an absolutely perfect day, to leave you utterly entranced. Your reward for answering the Call of the Wild.



The desert lands of Botswana and Namibia call, as the wind sweeps their vast expanses, day and night… the beauty of the Okavango Delta so distinctive, its call is unlike any other… the mysterious call of the Zambezi Valley as captivating and unforgettable as an African drumbeat, reverberating across the Zambezi River as her waters cascade down to the ocean… the siren call of Hwange’s plains, her spectacular sunsets punctuating a perfect day, seen by the chosen who heed it… the secret song of Kafue, heard only by those whose ears are tuned to her whispering notes.



You cannot ignore the Call of the Wild. It begins as a thought, later developing into a yearning desire to be in the wild.


The call entrenches an insatiable love for the wild.


We are Wilderness because we answered the Call of the Wild. We are like-minded individuals who have answered the same call – unifying us into one family born out of a love of the wild.



We are the wilderness. The wilderness will always be in us. There is no time-out.


Find me in the wild when the desire in your heart births a trip to the wilderness.

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