Disconnecting on Safari: Why we recommend it


Monica Jooste


In 2019, after much debate, many of our camps chose to open up access to Wi-Fi. Despite our belief in trying to keep some areas of the planet as wild and remote as they should be, we also appreciate our guests’ reliance on it to keep in touch with their families, and for business people to keep a finger on the pulse and deal with any urgent matters.



According to “The Future 100: Trends for 2017” published by the J. Walter Thompson Intelligence’ Innovation Group, the technological revolution has produced two simultaneous trends that are both increasing, yet pulling in opposite directions: On the one hand, a desire to disconnect from the constant stream of information bombarding us through all our devices and find authentic mindfulness and quietude, and yet on the other, seamless and reliable connection wherever we go.




These two trends have continued to rise, and they continue to conflict with each other. Today’s global lockdown due to COVID-19 has only highlighted the incredible benefits of technology, with a large portion of the population able to continue working from their own lounges, children with online access seamlessly progressing through their academic year, and groceries and goods delivered at the click of a finger. Social connection and digital dinner parties and catch-ups have become the only way to connect with family and friends at this time.




On the other hand social media and technology are frequently blamed for mental illness and poor health habits. To that end, there’s a growing demand for a digital detox, with some hospitality experiences even offering this service.



At Wilderness , we appreciate both trends, and realise that each guest should decide whether they need to stay connected to the “outside” world. To that end, all of our camps – with the exception of a handful that are simply too remote – have been Wi-Fi-enabled in certain areas. However we continue to encourage guests – after alerting their families of their safe arrival – to quite literally leave the beaten track and enjoy an authentic African experience where they can connect with nature , family, friends and indeed, the self.



"The opportunity to balance all that technology with time spent in nature unplugged from digital devices, has the potential to rest and restore our brains, improve our productivity, reduce our stress levels and make us feel better.  "

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