Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe's game-rich Hwange National Park

In 2015, when Tasimba, the California-based safari company I am the co-founder of, was in search of a year-round location for a unique safari offering, the quest led to an exceptional partnership with Wilderness. In Zimbabwe's game-rich Hwange National Park, Wilderness Linkwasha and Wilderness Little Makalolo became home to our week-long, deeply immersive safaris.

On every safari we have enjoyed here over the years, the pristine landscape and diversity of wildlife of these prolific concessions has consistently amazed our guests. However, up to now we have not run a Tasimba safari in what is known as the ‘Green Season’ – a period that runs between November and March, known for its seasonal rains that cause Hwange to don a cloak of vibrant greens. But that’s about to change later this year. And, to better prepare for that trip, we went to experience it for ourselves.




Benefits of travelling in Green Season

In the Green Season, the rains awaken the sleeping beauty of the bush, turning the golden hues of the dry season into a lush paradise, still teeming with wildlife. It's a time when migratory birds fill the skies with their soaring wings and melodious songs, and newborn animals take their first wobbly-leg steps in the world. As usual, each game drive is filled with unexpected encounters, and the sheer joy of witnessing the circle of life unfolds in real time.





For us, one of the most striking aspects of the Green Season is the exclusivity and serenity it offers. Fewer visitors than in high (dry) season allow more moments of reflection, a deeper connection with nature, and the luxury of a more intimate and personal experience. 


The Green Season is also a photographer's dream, offering a canvas of vibrant colors and dramatic cloud formations. Beyond this visual splendor, the rains create puddles and natural waterholes everywhere. Animals drink freely away from this water, leading to unexpected wildlife sightings around every bend. Thundering booms announce an afternoon shower. The fresh smell (known as petrichor) of rain on hot soil blends with the symphonic birdsong to create a wonderful sensory overload.

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As an added bonus, the Green Season is a time when safaris become more affordable, offering exceptional value without compromising the quality of the experience. The camps do an amazing job planning activities around inclement weather. Sunshine and rain create an ever-changing slate each day to discover the wonders of Hwange.


A Green Season safari is a surprising and wonderful experience. It presents the opportunity to see Hwange in a light few others typically witness. It's a time when the park reveals its secrets, offering a glimpse into the vibrant revitalization of Africa's precious nature.

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The Green Season in Hwange is a testament to the beauty and resilience of the African bush, a reminder of nature's cycles of renewal, and an invitation to explore the untold stories of this magnificent wilderness at a different time of year.


We are excited to share the wonders and beauty of this extraordinary time of year with our guests. In December 2024 we will welcome our first Tasimba Green Season safari guests with Wilderness – and we can’t wait!

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Hwange green season

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