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Part of growing our brand as one of the world’s leading conservation and hospitality companies is strengthening our presence in the media. A robust profile not only attracts more visitors, but also enhances our brand recognition and helps us stay connected with our audience. But we need you to do that. You, our staff, are the beating heart and the true essence of what we do here with Wilderness… and in the world of AI and automation, it’s your voices that make the biggest difference. Here are some effective ways each of you can contribute to growing our presence.

1. Engage with our social media pages

Your active engagement is crucial. To improve our visibility on social media, please ensure you are following all our official social media pages. We are present on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, and LinkedIn. Then once you are following, please regularly like our posts to increase their reach, and if something really appeals to you, please don’t hesitate to leave positive comments on our posts and share them on your personal profiles. This helps our content reach a broader audience.




2. Share your sightings and stories

Your unique experiences and sightings are invaluable. Share them on our We Are Wilderness Facebook Group or within your relevant camp and regional WhatsApp groups. Don’t forget to add context and the story behind any photo and videos so that we can use them to highlight the magic of our safaris.





3. Tag us when travelling


Travelling is something that our staff often do and we want to see you out and about on your adventures. If you post on your own social media regarding your Wilderness travels, please be sure to tag us so we can easily find and share your content with our broader audience. We also have location tags that are specific to each camp (i.e. #WildernessDumaTau) or country (#WildernessBotswana) so that you can search and add these to your posts. This helps to attract potential guests interested in those locations.




4. Participate in any awards and voting

Awards and recognitions significantly boost our credibility. You can help by voting for us whenever we are nominated for an award, and encouraging your friends and family to do the same. To that end, Wilderness has been nominated in the Resorts categories of the coveted Condé Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards survey and voting is live until 30 June 2024. You can also help us promote our voting links on your own social media to encourage more people to support us.




5. Be an advocate online

Be proactive in promoting our company online. Follow influencers or guests that you see are sharing Wilderness content. If you see questions about safaris or our services online, alert the relevant teams or direct people to our website or social media pages. If you know of any testimonials, reviews, articles or comments that we may not know about, please alert someone in the media team. 


Your involvement in our media efforts is invaluable. By following these steps, you help us build a stronger online community and attract more guests to experience the unforgettable adventures we offer.




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