Enchanting 35th Wedding Anniversary Celebration at DumaTau




DumaTau GM fills us in on a very special occasion marked at our beautiful safari lodge in Botswana’s Linyanti…



When we saw in the notes that arriving guests John and Debbie wanted to renew their wedding vows for their 35th wedding anniversary on the 28th May, the DumaTau team decided to go all out to ensure that they would have the most memorable day ever. Leaving nothing to chance, the entire team set out to ensure that they had a day that not only they, but also we would never forget.


First of all, we scouted out the most romantic spot we could find on the floodplain towards the Savute Channel. From couches with traditional throws to lanterns, a crackling fire and of course lots of Champagne, we created the most idyllic setting we could muster.


Then, just as the sun was about to set over the Linyanti, John and Debbie arrived, with the entire staff complement in situ to welcome them with song and dance. Once they were over the surprise of what was happening the staff split up the couple, as is the tradition in Botswana. The ladies took Debbie behind a termite mound and dressed her in a skirt and a scarf to cover her face, as trousers are not permitted for ladies here. The gents led John in song and dance as he patiently waited for his 'bride' to come back and join him by his side.


Once back together and seated, the staff performed another few songs as a blessing for the special day. Peter then stood up and proceeded with the renewal of their wedding vows, and to make it even more special, he spoke the exact words they used 35 years ago. It was a truly magical moment, seeing their love and affection, even after 35 years together. ST blessed them with a traditional prayer in Setswana, and then the party began. Lots of singing, dancing and of course more Champagne.


A massive thank you to our DumaTau team for creating a truly memorable day, one that John and Debbie, not to mention the team, will remember for a very long time.


As Wilderness says, “Our Journeys Changes Lives.” And all of us that day felt exactly that.

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