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There are only a few places left on Earth where you can get lost without taking a single step. Namibia is one of those places. Here you can both find and lose yourself in silence and stillness. Wherever your head turns, there is another rock, another sand dune, and extraordinarily beautiful vistas stretching out to the horizon.


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Namibia - from desert to sea

Journey with us to this otherworldly landscape, in 3 of our remote Wilderness locations, you will be embracing landscapes that are vastly different from each other, yet all offer sunny days, blue skies, starry nights – and a connection with the natural world you never knew you needed. Discover a serenity & belonging where you can’t help but feel at home – in a country so different from your own.


Wilderness Little Kulala Namibia Accommodation Pool

Wilderness Little Kulala

Sun-drenched dunes, in a sea of ochre-red sand.

Wilderness Hoanib

Experience exclusive use of 24,000 hectares of the expansive Palmwag Concession.

Wilderness Serra cafema

This luxurious lodge overlooks the spellbinding Kunene River.

The Weinberg

Wind down your Namibian adventure with a night at The Weinberg in Namibia’s capital city.


01 Wilderness Little Kulala

Your introduction to the magical desert wonderland will start at the Wilderness Little Kulala, just minutes from the towering dunes of Sossusvlei. Here, surrounded by desert as far as the eye can see, you are freed from your thoughts, your worries, your future “have-tos”. Discover a place truly disconnected from the hustle and bustle of everyday living.


Whether you choose to reset by running wildly down the side of one of the world’s tallest dunes, quad biking across a lunar-like dunescape or spend the night under the stars in your very own star bed, you will experience both thrill and tranquillity.

Wilderness Experiences Running Dunes Namibia
Wilderness Experiences Running Dunes Namibia

02 Wilderness Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Catch a glimpse of an oryx, a family of ostriches, or springbok wandering through the desert – and feel lucky to witness these animals, surviving in some of the harshest conditions in the world. At Hoanib, where you will see giraffes ambling across the dunes, the sun setting behind their slender bodies, or perhaps you’ll spot the last family of desert-adapted lions showing hope for the survival of their kind. And amongst it all you might appreciate how much there is to learn about life outside of the city.


And when you arrive at the edge of the Skeleton Coast, a sea of seals massed on the shoreline ahead of you, the wind flicking up white horses over the cold Atlantic Ocean, you begin to contemplate your space in this world.


Wilderness Hoanib Skeleton Coast Namibia Accommodation Pool
Wilderness Hoanib Skeleton Coast Namibia Accommodation Pool

03 Wilderness Serra Cafema

Above all else, the one experience that will truly leave a mark on you is meeting the indigenous Himba people of Namibia at Wilderness Serra Cafema. These nomadic hunter-gatherer communities have chosen a traditional way of life, completely secluded from outside influences or civilisation. At Serra Cafema, set on the Kunene River that forms the border with Angola, they live scattered in the desert, in tiny villages of modest huts made from hide, sticks and cow dung. 


Spend a couple of hours in their company and you’ll leave changed forever. Gain a new perspective on life as gratitude for what you have fills your very cells. Engage in an authentic encounter, they just as curious about you as you are about them. Humbled, you may even start to think about what you really need to be happy.

Wilderness Serra Cafema Namibia Purpose Impact
Wilderness Serra Cafema Namibia Purpose Impact

04 The Weinberg

Wind down your Namibian adventure with a night at The Weinberg in Namibia’s capital city, Windhoek. Immerse yourself in times gone by as you learn more about the country’s past inside this lovely heritage building. Spend your last few hours exploring the city, or sipping on a famous local brew as you contemplate the mark Namibia has left on your life.

Desert Rhino Camp Namibia Desert Lion

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