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Since 1983, Wilderness  has been dedicated to making a positive impact through pioneering conservation tourism, crafting life-changing journeys to Africa’s wide open spaces and untouched pristine wilderness areas. In this way, we have helped conserve 2.3 million hectares of precious intact ecosystems and biodiversity, while supporting local communities at the same time. It is also for this reason that we are ready and waiting to welcome you, our guests, back to Africa, and to ensure that our restorative safaris continue to make a difference in the new world of travel.





Understandably there are still concerns around global travel; however, vaccination roll-outs taking place in some of our regions and our stringent COVID-19 health and safety protocols, alongside the luxury of space at our remote and intimate camps, make our safaris an appealing option for travel at this time.


So let’s explore why a journey with Wilderness at this time is safe and compelling…


Our camps, set in some of the continent’s most remote wilderness areas,


only accommodate a small number of guests at a time, and thus there is always ample space for comfortable physical distancing. Activities, such as interpretive game drives and nature walks out in the open, also offer ideal opportunities to unwind in extraordinary wilderness settings.





What’s more, these remote and intimate locations offer a complete immersion into one of the finest wildernesses on the planet, far from the madding crowd, mounting pollution and modern technology. Our areas exemplify Africa as it was, and as it is meant to be: endless horizons of wide-open space inhabited by its rightful fauna and flora. The healing power of nature, accentuated in these wildlife-rich ecosystems, offers the perfect setting to reconnect with the natural world, yourself and your families, especially after this time of extreme distancing.





Most important, our stringent health and cleanliness standards ensure that you are taken care of every step of the way – from the minute you land in Africa, and throughout your journey. Hygiene and sanitation, in relation to both guests and staff, have always been a top priority for us, and this has only been heightened in light of the pandemic. Furthermore, a year of experience in this new world of travel has provided us with many learnings that we continually share throughout the business. You can rest assured that we are deeply committed to addressing all possible concerns in relation to health and safety at our camps, on our aircraft, and in our touring and transfer operations.





These comprehensive health and safety guidelines are also extended further afield across our entire business. We have always placed, and will continue to place, huge emphasis on the health and safety of our staff and wider community, through a variety of proactive measures. As a company we have bolstered already existing hygiene and cleanliness measures in all our offices, camps, aircraft and vehicles, and through our risk team are continuing to refine and adapt these procedures in accordance with best practice. We have increased training for all staff through a dedicated task team, and are driving all COVID-19 related matters with input and support from Park Doctor – a not-for-profit medical organisation working to initiate and facilitate partnerships between medical and conservation professionals.





What is particularly noteworthy is that in some of our regions the vaccine roll-out is already well underway. In Rwanda, alongside many of our partners in tourism, every member of our staff has received their first dose, and all are awaiting their second vaccination towards the end of April. Similarly in Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, many of our staff and partners are awaiting their second dose.


There are also some incredible deals to be had by travelling at this time. In Rwanda, for example, if you visit both Akagera or Gishwati-Mukura national parks for 3 days (2 nights) or more until 31 May 2021, you’ll receive a 30% discount on the cost of your gorilla permit, representing a saving of some USD450 per person. Find out more from your travel agents on this deal, as well as other cost-saving benefits.




Finally, your travel makes a difference and really is life-changing. The current situation is having a huge impact on our communities, wildlife and areas, and their survival now lies in our hands. While we have been supporting these projects through our Conservation Heroes COVID-Relief programme, your journeys to our areas will help us increase the reach of our impact. We are extremely grateful for any support in the form of travel or donations to our Conservation Heroes initiative.


So you’re ready to travel, but where to and how? Our Travel Updates pages will give you all the latest information on our regions, health and safety protocols and FAQs needed for you to choose the right destination at this time. Your travel agent is also key to assisting you with the most up-to-date information on an ongoing basis.




We hope your desire to connect with the natural world, wide-open spaces and with new cultures will be more powerful than ever. And we look forward to welcoming you back safely to Africa, where your life-changing journeys will not only make a difference to our continent, but will inspire you and change your lives too. Safe travels…



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