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It’s no secret that the way we view wellness is increasingly shaping the way we travel. Especially now, in our post-pandemic world. Although 2022 focused on finding the perfect balance between work, life, and play, as well as incorporating healthy eating habits, 2023 is already revealing its own distinct wellness trends.

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2023 wellness trends



When we think wellness in 2023 we think mindfulness walks. Exercise as a form of recovery. An increase in practices that connect mind and soul, such as meditation or yoga. Micro-workouts that can be done in a minute or so between your busy daily schedule. Syncing sleep patterns to the movement of the sun and moon. Spa treatments that extend beyond the confines of a room. More interesting mocktails and detoxifying cocktails. And knowing, really knowing, where your food comes from, including growing and picking it yourself.


But how can you incorporate these wellness trends into your travel choices? This is something we at Wilderness strive to offer all our guests. And while each of our Wilderness camps offers something special in the way of wellness offerings, Namibia is a destination that anyone ‘on trend’ with wellness will want to visit 2023.




Silent safaris in Namibia



So what is a silent safari? It’s not just about switching off your phone or disconnecting from the world, but really about discovering a place where it's just you and the wilderness. Where a lion's roar can be heard from kilometres away. Where your voice echoes through miles of immense dunes and craggy mountains. Where you can hear, and even see, your breath as you practice yoga in the stillness of the early morning. Or hear your pulse in your ears as you meditate under a canopy of a million stars, and the quiet of the night seems to stretch to eternity.





Disconnecting and reconnecting with your body



And while pampering spa treatments are the order of the day at somewhere like Wilderness Little Kulala, for us, wellness is about more than just massages. It’s about rolling out the yoga mat in your room to centre your mind in the morning. Pulling out some weights for a quick micro-workout before lunch. Going on a long self-led walk through the plains around Wilderness Damaraland Camp to discover nature and contemplate what’s important in this game of life.


And for those who want to really get active, there are guided walking safaris or thrilling e-fatbike excursions that allow you to discover even more of the magnificent wide-open spaces Namibia has to offer. 



What you put in is what you get out



As with most things in life, what you put in is certainly what you get out - but this doesn’t just extend to exercise and effort. At Wilderness, we prioritise food and beverage offerings that not only look and taste great but also nourish the body from the inside out. Our menus feature locally sourced and home-grown ingredients, offering something to gently nudge you out of your comfort zone.


Think mutete hibiscus tea which has powerful antioxidant properties, helping the body fight off bacteria and illness. Or a baobab tonic made from a plant bursting with protein, vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium and B vitamins. And smoothies made from nutrient-dense moringa seeds, which contain potent antioxidants and astringent and anti-inflammatory compounds.


Want a taste of the African bush? Try these at home:

Detox drink from Little Kulala

Mutete Blossom


3 handfuls dry mutete hibiscus blossoms (rose can be used as an alternative)

1l filtered water

150g raw brown sugar

200ml 100% cranberry or apple juice

2 whole oranges, juiced and zested

Fresh mutete leaves for garnish


Slice an orange thinly and place in a half-moon ice tray. Fill with water and freeze.

Bring the water to a boil in a pot or kettle, add the dry blossoms and steep until cool. Strain the infusion into a jug.

Stir in the sugar and juices. Chill the lemonade in the fridge and garnish with fresh mutete leaves, your orange ice, and orange zest.

Rejuvenating drink from Serra Cafema

Baobab Tonic


4 tbsp. baobab powder or 4 handfuls of baobab seeds (a small amount of turmeric can be used a possible alternative)

1l filtered water

10g freshly grated turmeric root

100ml Kalahari raw honey

10g freshly grated ginger

2 lemons


Slice the lemons thinly and place in half-moon ice trays. Fill with water and freeze.

Bring the water to a boil in a pot or kettle and remove from heat. Stir in the baobab powder, honey, ginger and turmeric. Allow the tonic to steep until cool.

Serve with half-moon lemon ice.

Hydrating smoothie from Hoanib

Moringa Zinga


3 tsp. moringa seeds (or maca is moringa is unavailable)

1 medium ripe pawpaw

500ml freshly pressed pineapple juice (2 pineapples)

2 tbsp. raw Kalahari honey

2 limes


Sparingly peel the pineapple and lime, and juice until desired ml (save the pulp, to make breakfast muffins).

Add the juice and moringa seeds to a blender and mix until smooth. Strain the smoothie through a sieve into a deep dish container and cover. Freeze until it forms a granita and serve with a pineapple wedge.

The best place for my soul safari

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