Reasons Not to Travel to Southern Africa

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Lauren Dold


It’s wild. Untamed. Unforgettable.

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If you're looking for a humdrum vacation with predictability and safety, then Southern Africa is not the place for you. It’s wild. Untamed. Unforgettable. This exceptional region of the world offers uncountable reasons not to travel here – if you’re after a dull and uneventful experience, that is.


If you’re thinking of coming to Southern Africa on safari, there are a few things you should probably know before you book your tickets.

1. You’ll come face to face with Africa’s most dangerous wildlife

In the wild areas of Southern Africa in which we operate, extraordinary wildlife abounds. Sometimes you’ll get up close to these majestic creatures on a walk or, heaven forbid, they might even approach your vehicle while out on game drive. So if you’re not up to admiring the grace and beauty of an elephant up close, don’t even think about booking that safari.


2. The sunsets will make you question your photographic skills

It doesn’t matter how hard you try, the settings you use or how much of a professional you are, you will never quite be able to capture the beauty of an African sunset. The vibrant hues of orange, pink, and purple that streak across the sky will leave you in awe, and completely frustrated at not being able to record it.


3. The wine is cheap

South Africa’s Cape is practically bristling with award-winning wineries and gourmet restaurants. The wine is world-class, and when you savour it at the source it’s unbelievably affordable. You may never be able to buy wine at home again without having flashbacks to these memories.


4. Your heart will beat faster than ever

Exciting adventures. Heart-racing experiences. Unforgettable thrills. Southern Africa has it all. Whether it's bungee jumping at Victoria Falls or quad biking in the deserts of Namibia, there's no shortage of excitement. If you don’t want to feel your heart beating out of your chest, stick to your comfort zone.


5. You’ll never get a break from the sun

With its endless sunshine and warm weather, Southern Africa doesn't give you the option to stay indoors and binge-watch TV series. If you'd rather not be forced to explore the great outdoors, you should avoid this place at all costs.


6. You’ll spend hours on the road

You’ll spend six or more hours per day in an open vehicle on morning and evening game drives. That’s a lot of time in the bush with the wind in your hair and the warmth of the sun on your skin, watching herds of elephants, or a pride of lions, or a dung beetle rolling a ball along the track. You’ll only be allowed to stop for a hot coffee or a cold gin and tonic as the sun goes down. If you'd prefer to be stuck in traffic jams and admire concrete jungles, then this place is definitely not for you.


7. Wildlife will keep you up at night

Whooping hyenas, howling jackals, murmuring, hooting owls. Maybe even roaring lions. They’ll call all night, and they may keep you awake. But the real problem is that by the end of your stay, you won’t be able to sleep without this wild nocturnal chorus.


8. A multitude of languages will confuse you

Southern Africa's linguistic diversity is a nightmare for anyone seeking simplicity. In South Africa alone, there are 11 official languages. You'll encounter plenty of foreign-sounding languages, but no matter who is speaking, you’ll understand the meaning of “welcome”, thanks to the warm and friendly faces.


9. You’ll taste food you’ll never have again

Southern Africa's diverse culinary scene will have you indulging in flavours you never knew existed. You may try to recreate the dishes, but there’s nothing like food cooked over an open flame under the vast African sky.


10. Your life will never be the same

The transformative experiences you'll have in Southern Africa are downright inconvenient. Whether it's gaining a newfound respect for nature, challenging your limits, or forming lifelong memories, your life will forever be marked by this wild, wonderful continent.



If you'd rather avoid adventure, awe-inspiring beauty, and personal growth at all costs, stay put. But if you're willing to embrace the unknown, explore the wild, and savour the rich tapestry of Southern Africa, then answer the call. It’s singing your name.

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