Reasons Not to Travel to Southern Africa

Your Guide to Africa


Nick Galpine


If you’re thinking of coming to Southern Africa on safari, there are a few things you should probably know before you book your tickets…


Reason #1 The seasons are back to front – I mean, this is supposed to be winter!



Reason #2 All the trees are dead – there’s nothing to look at.



Reason #3 Everyone’s gloomy all the time.



Reason #4 They don’t make anything for themselves.



Reason #5 All they want is a hand out.



Reason #6 Some of the animals are really dangerous.



Reason #7 So maybe it’s a good thing that you can’t get close to them…


Reason #8 And that they all just want to run away.


Reason #9 Which means you need a really big camera to get good pictures.



Reason #10 The TV only has one channel.



Reason #11 And the music is terrible.



Reason #12 You can’t get any kind of connection.



Reason #13 Or decent reception.



Reason #14 Things look really backwards.



Reason #15 Don’t mention the medical facilities.



Reason #16 It’s a fashion disaster zone.



Reason #17 Don’t even mention the food.



Reason #18 And you have to wait until it gets dark before you’re allowed a drink.



Reason #19 Africa? It’s just one big conflict zone.



Reason #20 It’s all about black and white.



Reason #21 You need tons of paperwork.



Reason #22 And about a hundred shots.



Reason #23 All in all, it’s a bit of a dive.



Of course, we’re joking. Southern Africa is awesome! If the pictures above have inspired you to come and experience everything that a safari holiday involves, then please contact us!

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