Safari Quiz

Your Guide to Africa

Tenneil Zondagh


Africa is rightly famous for its abundance and variety of wildlife and is home to the world's largest land mammal, tallest land mammal, largest primate, largest antelope, heaviest flying bird and four of the fastest land mammals, amongst many other accolades. These mammals can also be seen and appreciated in some of the most dramatic and pristine landscapes left on Earth today...

Learn some fun facts about Wilderness Safaris and African fauna in our safari quiz! And keep an eye out for the answers which will be published in a couple of days.

1. Can you identify these animals?

2. A group of lions is called a?

3. The gestation period of an elephant is?

4. Another name for the African wild dog is?

5. In terms of IUCN conservation status, Bat-eared foxes are classified as?

6. Can you identify these birds?

7. What is the largest African species in the kingfisher family (Alcedinidae)?

8. Largest living bird in Africa?

9. Africa’s smallest bird of prey?

10. Can you name three resident species in the bee-eater family (Meropidae)?

11. In what country would you find these landmarks? 

12. Wilderness Safaris operates in how many African countries?

13. The Victoria Falls is also known as “Mosi-oa-Tunya”, which means?

14. What is the most common antelope found in Sossusvlei?

15. Which Wilderness Safaris camps are these?

16. In what year was Wilderness Safaris founded? 

17. The Wilderness Safaris logo is symbolic of our commitment to protecting pristine and remote wilderness areas. What bird is depicted in the logo?

18. As a conservation organisation and a responsible ecotourism operator, Wilderness Safaris adheres to the philosophy of the 4Cs. Can you name the 4 Cs?

19. Wilderness Safaris protects approximately how many hectares of land?

20. For the Wilderness Safaris stalwarts … can you name these conservation initiatives?

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