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January highlights from Wilderness Bisate

I don’t know about you, but somehow it doesn’t feel like the first month of 2024 can already be done!


2024 holds a year of promise and new beginnings. And feels like the perfect opportunity to reinvent oneself, and possibly experience something different.


Our team has been hard at work providing our wonderful guests with the service and experience that Bisate’s incredible location has to offer. The weather has been uncharacteristically sunny, though it did also present ideal opportunities to experience the true volcanoes’ area climate, with some thundershowers, cooler days, and mist. The property has seen several species of birds coming through on their migrations, and the mammals have been very active in the cool weather, as seen on our camera traps.

Ryan and Tiffany went on their leave over the January period, and Jean Pierre, our stalwart Assistant Manager, stepped in to oversee operations. He was joined by our F&B manager Benjamin, who cast an experienced and loving gaze over the lodge that he has looked after for seven years now.


For some, the ushering in of the new year is a time to celebrate our love for someone special in our lives or appreciate what we have learnt to love in ourselves. It is all about making the most of the hope we share and making lifelong memories. Bisate celebrated the new month by being thankful for all our guests who came together to create these memories with us.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

With January falling towards the end of the dry season, we have already had some good rainfall leading up to February. The temperatures can be a bit colder than usual in the evenings, and in the mornings when our guests are trekking in the park, but it warms up towards midday. It is always recommended to pack a warm jacket and a rain jacket when visiting Bisate, for extra comfort in all weather conditions. The lodge also supplies each guest with a pair of knee-high gaiters as well as gloves for extra protection from the elements. This is so good to know, as it will save you some space in your luggage.


Our average temperatures for January were 12° - 19° Celsius.


Volcanoes NP wildlife & Bisate nature trails

A number of serval sightings were recorded in the centre of the property close to the volcanic crater this month. The same camera trap also recorded several side-striped jackal sightings – most notably of the half-eared dominant male who was the father of the jackal pup from late last year.


This male has a big presence throughout the property.


We haven’t seen the jackal youngster around too much this month, but that was to be expected. We believe the remaining jackal youngster has been spending less time with the parents and has most likely been being pushed out of the territory due to it’s getting older.  


Our African wild cat can be seen roaming around our mango forest and seems to have a large area of dominance that encompasses our Kwanda Day Lounge as well.

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Bisate reforestation

Our Agronomists have been busy this month removing a large number of Eucalyptus trees from all parts of the property. This tree species has been used in East Africa for over a century and remains a cash crop for many local communities. As part of our reforestation programme, we are removing all species of plants and trees that are not indigenous and replacing them with African redwoods and other important species our guests will encounter in the park.


We use all parts of the Eucalyptus trees that we cut down, for firewood for our guests to keep warm in the colder times, and also the smaller branches and leaves are donated to the surrounding villages for their use.


The Bisate Reserve site has seen some major changes, with a mighty bamboo forest starting to rise and other indigenous species making their debut. All I can say for now is that when this section of reforestation is done, Bisate Reserve will well and truly be worthy of its name.


Children in the Wilderness Rwanda

New sports fields for Bisate Primary School.


With the support of generous Bisate and Sabyinyo guests, Wilderness and Children in the Wilderness (CITW) in Rwanda have been able to assist Bisate Primary School and the surrounding community with brand new sport fields. Suitable for basketball and volleyball, of course they can be used for other sports and activities too.


Amounting to a total value of USD17,000, the project’s construction and all necessary materials were outsourced to, and procured via, local companies, further supporting the community at large with employment and income.


Although the final touches are still to be completed in the coming month, the sport fields are now in use, and the students and teachers appreciate this addition to their school grounds so much.



Dancille Mukakamari, Headmistress of Bisate Primary School said: “On behalf of Bisate Primary School, we would like to thank you for your support of the basketball and the volleyball field and facilities. The playgrounds are now helping our children and even the surrounding community for playing and exercising. We promise we will be the best school in playing these games! We thank you for your generosity”.


Bisate Primary School has a total of 1,678 learners at the primary and nursery school. A total of 40 teachers are employed, and ensure all classes take place.


With such a high number of students you can imagine how these wonderful new sport fields will be in great demand from now on!

The very best of everything, everything, the staff most of all. It's easy to make a beautiful room but the staff makes the experience.

– P & M

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