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Wilderness Bisate Newsletter - March 2023

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The perfect time of year

And just like that, the blessings of Africa have come, and the rain continues to pour down and feed our soil. March has come and gone, but somehow it still feels like the year is just beginning. The gorillas haven’t seemed to notice this, and they are carrying on like New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! The families are providing our guests with exceptional sightings, with very active groups and babies galore. With more rain comes the general idea that families are more stationary, and thus treks become easier to predict the time of the hikes. Of course, this is just pseudoscience, and every day is different. I don’t know why, but the third month of the year always just seems perfect, the year is not so brand new and yet you feel like you still have the whole of the year ahead.

Bisate Family


Training is always a big focus for us, and this time around we had all the service staff join our talented chefs in the kitchen. It is one thing to have your meal explained to you by someone who has tasted it – it’s a whole other ball game to have your meal served to you by someone who has put their own love and passion into it. This was exactly the approach we have taken this month. A favourite lesson for the front-of-house was learning to bake our freshly prepared in-house speciality of croissants, which we now all have a new appreciation for, given how much time each tasty morsel takes to make.



Another exciting project we have on the go is the imminent completion of our staff’s very own gym. This area was built by the team for the team. Almost every member of the team has been involved in collecting rocks for the base structure, picking up a shovel to move soil, and lending valuable fitness advice or welding skills for the complicated roof build. The construction is expected to be completed in the first two weeks of April, just in time for Wilderness’ staff “Move Month”. I feel very sorry for our sister lodge Wilderness Sabyinyo, when they come over to take us on in a football match!


Bisate Road Construction


We are more than delighted to announce that we are having the Bisate property roads professionally graded. This will culminate in a beautifully cobblestoned driveway up to the lodge. This has been in the planning for some time and with the help of the Rwandan government and our amazing local community, this amazing dream is finally about to become reality. Picture yourself approaching beautiful Bisate while slowly winding your way down a volcanic-rock paved road to the heavenly surrounds of ancient-looking bamboo forests… already starting to imagine your first mountain gorilla emerging to say hello! Sigh… now that is what living is all about.

Children in the Wilderness

The CITW Eco-Clubs at the Bisate Primary and Secondary schools had a great month full of activities.
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The learners of Bisate Primary School had the opportunity to exchange correspondence with a primary school in the Netherlands. Various letters and pictures went back and forth to learn from each other. Good practice in communication skills, and at the same time an opportunity to learn about another culture! Questions about how the classes work and how things are at the school, questions on sports and favourite foods were asked and answered.


All 168 students in the Eco-Clubs, across the primary and secondary schools at Bisate, received a new, bright yellow CITW t-shirt this month. They wear it proudly as part of their school uniform on Wednesday and Friday when the various clubs meet.

The staff is amazing, the food is excellent, and the room is very clean and comfortable. Thank you for your kindness. Bisate is one of the most amazing lodges we have ever seen. Attention to the guests is unbelievable. Thank you so much. – V & F

Wilderness Bisate Rwanda Camp Aerial View

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