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Wilderness Bisate Newsletter – March 2024

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Ryan Dewes


March madness at Bisate

March madness has come to an end at Bisate and we now look back on another great month. Plenty of excitement and progress in terms of structures and maintenance has taken over Bisate in preparation for the coming closure period, and our jam-packed maintenance schedule in April. It is always a wonder to see how much we can accomplish in such a short period of time, when all the staff don their overalls and paintbrushes and breathe even more life into our beloved Bisate. We are also very excited to have our beautiful reed work around our balustrades and balconies undergo a complete refresh thanks to our long-time local carpenter, Jean Pierre, and his team of highly skilled workers. 

During the closure period, our full staff complement jumped in on the action and assisted with a lick of paint here, the sanding of a table there and, of course, we also managed to squeeze in some team-building in the form of intensely competitive soccer matches, group lunches prepared by our senior chefs and amazingly, spontaneous dance-offs to the likes of classic artists such as Kylie Minogue and Rod Stewart. There is nothing in this world as awe-inspiring as huge manly maintenance team members gyrating to “Man, I feel like a woman” by Shania Twain.


As we head into the full rainy season, we embrace the raw, unique beauty around the misty Virunga Mountains of our home in northern Rwanda.

Wilderness Impact in action – Empower and Educate

Tuzamurane Co-operative in Bisate further empowered through mushroom project

The Tuzamurane Co-operative was established when the construction of Wilderness Bisate started. Since then, a strong bond has been forged through numerous mutually beneficial activities between Bisate and the Co-operative. 

The Tuzamurane Co-operative assists Bisate with the necessary manpower for its reforestation project, members supply fresh produce from their surrounding farms, and through guest donations, small-scale sustainable farming initiatives in the surrounding community have been implemented.

The Co-operative has 241 members – 169 men and 72 women – representing the villages around Wilderness Bisate. 




Through generous donations from Bisate guests, we were able to assist Tuzamurane with the establishment of an avocado tree nursery. It is now a successful nursery producing many avocado saplings each year. The next project was the establishment of an organic composting site, for which all the Tuzamurane members received training, with tons of organic manure now being produced.

Our next project is all about mushrooms, starting with training for all the Tuzamurane members on how to successfully grow the fungi. Once they have all received training, growing can start, with the aim of fighting malnutrition and providing additional income for the poorest households in the area. 

This project, valued at USD 4,500, has been made possible thanks to the support of our generous Bisate guests.

Donation of school supplies for hundreds of Bisate children 

Very kind and thoughtful Swiss guests travelled to Wilderness Bisate with almost 60kg of extra luggage! Their additional luggage was filled with school materials like pencils, backpacks, notebooks, and more, as listed on the Pack for a Purpose packing list. 

Our CITW Rwanda colleagues Aline and Damascene distributed the supplies to our partner schools in the Bisate area, and we shared the subsequent photos and some videos with the guests.




Their response was very gratifying… “WOW – that’s so great! Thank you for sharing these videos and pictures. We were so grateful for the opportunity to do this. We hope everyone is doing wonderful at Bisate – you have such a magical place and special group of people”.
Aline and Damascene distributed the supplies to 370 children, who received 6 pencils each. The backpacks were given to the best-performing students in middle school, while all the other supplies were handed over to the teachers to be used during their regular lessons.


All the children and the teachers say a heartfelt THANK YOU for this support!

Wildlife & the Bisate Nature Trails

It seems that the increase in rainfall has caused our nature trails to take on a life of their own! Cascading foliage and swelling bamboo forests seem to have taken over the property, and in response to this, our local animal species have turned Bisate into their personal playground. The servals, jackals and African wildcats have become firm residents of the area, and we are also seeing a slow but steady increase in different bird species as well.


We are in the process of installing a camera trap on one of our new nature trails and have high hopes that we will have some amazing footage coming through in the next few months. Stay tuned!

Staff gorilla trekking

March was a very special month for our Bisate team, with no fewer than 10 of us having the incredible opportunity to head out and experience the thrill and adventure of a full gorilla trek! 

Ten permits became available, 10 names were thrown into a hat, and so 10 lucky individuals started up the misty mountains for the first time ever! 




We sent the staff up fully kitted with equipment, food and their own driver-guide, to make the experience that much more special. Our staff ended up visiting the Kwitonda and Ntambara families, and managed to pick a day with little rain. We are sure that they will remember this experience for the rest of their lives!

We have travelled all over the world and Bisate is the best lodge we have ever stayed at – exceeded all expectations in term of lodging, food, and activities, but mostly the people. Bosco and Ben especially are true gems.

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