Wilderness Chikwenya Newsletter – April 2023

Camp news

Edmond Mudzimu


A beautiful new safari season has begun in earnest at Chikwenya, with the spirit of modern-day and old Chikwenya alive, roaring and thriving. Beautiful, glorious Chikwenya – both camp and setting. Chikwenya gives you goosebumps, sends chills down your spine, takes your breath away.


You literally want to get ‘scratching’ with excitement – the name Chikwenya is derived from the vernacular for ‘he who scratches’.  The islands in the Zambezi at Chikwenya teem with wildlife; big herds of buffaloes, and prides of lions, heard calling almost every morning. Who said lions are afraid of water? We have lions at Chikwenya that love to wade in the water as they cross the Zambezi to hunt buffalo on the islands.





Positioned at the confluence of the Sapi and Zambezi rivers, Wilderness Chikwenya offers an exclusive Zimbabwean safari experience at Mana Pools – an area bristling with wildlife. It simply begs to be explored on foot, by boat or on a game drive. You will soak in the magic of this place and everything that it has to offer. Our exquisitely peaceful camp rests in a grove of indigenous trees that invites a lot of animals, including elephants and eland.


If you are looking for a place in the Lower Zambezi Valley were you can find nyala, then Chikwenya is it. Waterbuck, hippo and an array of smaller game reside on the periphery of the camp. A symphony of birds will wake you up every morning with their chirruping and melodious sounds – from gentle doves to screeching babblers and spurfowl. Fish eagles can be heard calling during the day, and found perched on the many mopane stumps dotted along the riverbanks. A sight to savour is a fish eagle feasting on a freshly caught fish.





Evenings and nights are full of drama, especially when we hear lions and hyenas fighting, or just calling to signify their presence in the area. Elephant and hippo visit camp and feed near the tents. As the sun sets, regardless of where you choose to have your sundowners, the sky is spectacular. The sun dips beyond the mountains, and the river and the sky turn bright orange, and all shades of red. What a way to cap a fine day at Chikwenya.





The solitude of Chikwenya is blissful, and a rare treat to absorb – whether you choose to stay in camp or take a drive around the concession. This camp exudes tranquility, and is an elegant space that seamlessly blends into the pristine wilderness. Imagine relaxing in camp, under the canopy of mahogany trees dotted around the main area, or just lounging by the pool with a beverage of your choice.


If you ever dreamt of a place where you really feel that you are far from anywhere, then this is the place, and the camp.


Chikwenya has had a facelift, refreshing many areas, from the tented guest suites, to the boardwalks and pool deck. The vehicles have smart new livery in line with the new Wilderness brand. This makeover has given all staff a renewed impetus, and we look ahead with vigour to a great season. The refreshed camp and new look brings a new mindset, and we look forward to welcoming our guests, new and old friends alike.





Come and discover this hidden gem nestled in our exciting wilderness at Mana Pools. This is a place that is far from the urban bustle, a remote haven with only nature in all directions.


Of course, we can’t end this story without mentioning the stars of the Chikwenya show – our guides and service staff. These teams set the stage for a truly authentic African safari experience. This is luxury and privacy at its best in the Mana Pools area.

We have a few favourite safari rooms around Africa however after three days we agreed that Room 1 has to be our favourite on the continent due to its expansive deck, pool, excellent tent design and décor – and most of all the setting and outlook. During the dry season a kaleidoscope of wildlife moves past this room.  - Garth Thompson

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