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October temperatures hit higher up the gauge than previous months and we experienced extremely hot days and nights, ranging from 16° C to 40° C through the month. From the 10th to the 13th we experienced a bit of wind. Towards the end of the month we had a few rainy days, with the rainfall ranging from 3 to 8 mm at most.


Landscape and vegetation


October was so hot that a lot more animals were drawn to the pumped waterholes to quench their thirst, since a lot of the natural waterholes were dry. There was an increase in vegetation change as the trees became greener, thereby providing shade for the animals, with some providing food for the browsers in the form of fresh leaves.




Game viewing during the month of October was amazing and full of surprises, with a lot of cheetah sightings. The two brothers had two successful hunts where they killed an impala and a juvenile sable at Scott’s Pan on different days. Some of our guests were lucky enough to witness a mother cheetah and her two cubs killing a male impala at Back Pans.


Lions also did not disappoint as they were seen almost every day with some amazing action, including hunting buffalos, though they were not successful.

A leopard was also spotted in front of camp on two different days, hunting as well as resting. Scott’s Pan was also the place to be as wild dogs were seen drinking there.




October was also good for birds, as more migrants registered their arrival. These included the red-chested cuckoo, African cuckoo, Steppe buzzard as well as the paradise flycatcher.

Violet-backed starlings, with their striking colouration, were a highlight for our guests, who enjoyed watching them in camp where they were frequently seen drinking water from the birdbaths in front of their rooms.


Guest comments


Our experience here at Little Mak has been truly incredible and eye-opening to the beauty and wonder of Africa. Every staff member was so kind and open-hearted in a way we don’t often see. Leo was/is a beautiful human and stellar, knowledgeable guide. All your dedication to the stewardship of the land and country is so inspiring. Thank you for the unforgettable experiences. We intend to be back.
John and Eileen – California, USA


As always, my time at Little Makalolo exceeded any thoughts I had about this safari. Everything was perfect and amazing at camp. The staff and service exceptional and delightful to be with all the time. The beauty satisfying and always inspiring and awesome. Leo is brilliant, caring and way competent. I cannot express enough how much I appreciate all, and how grateful I am to be part of this special place.
Diana – Woodside, California


We cannot think of a more perfect place to spend our honeymoon. The staff were outstanding, friendly, easy to talk to and so helpful. We had some incredible sightings with our guide Farai. He is so passionate and knowledge. And the food and drinks did not stop! Thank you a million times over for such a special time.
Bailey and Robbie –South Africa


It’s been quite the introduction to safari for the Beckley family. What an amazing place and team of individuals making it all possible. We pretty much saw it all. My seven-year-old son will never forget his honey badger sighting, my teenage daughter will never forget our close encounters with the elephants and lions. Many thanks (especially Farai).
Beckley Family – The wilds of Essex, UK!


Fantastic trip, with the most amazing game, food, staff and sightings. Thank you for everything and see you next year.
Andrea and Riley – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


We had a wonderful stay! Thank you. Your camp was very well run and great staff. We had an amazing visit. See you next time.
Tony and Lucia – Queensland, Australia

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