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Wilderness Little Makalolo newsletter – February 2024

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Methuli Tshuma


Hwange landscape and vegetation

People’s expectations for rain were very high during February, but it was not to be and Little Makalolo did not experience even a single drop of rain throughout the month. Currently, the plains are extremely dry, and all that green lawn seen in December has now changed to yellow-gold, which we usually have only come to expect in mid-winter. Even small plants and the new young leaves seemed disappointed.

Weather in Hwange National Park

The month of February witnessed high temperatures, with a maximum high of 41° Celsius recorded. There was a day when some parts of the Wilderness concessions had some rain (in the second week of the month) but unfortunately, we did not receive anything here in the Makalolo Plains. A huge black cloud could be seen moving along the railway line but we spent the whole month enjoying sunny days. This has been evidenced by our guests preferring to spend their afternoon in the Waterhole Log-pile Hide and also by the swimming pool, instead of in their lovely tents. 

Mammal sightings in Hwange

February offered exceptional sightings compared to previous years, and elephants, lions, cheetahs, and buffalos were seen in the concession. Our swimming pool was a popular stomping ground, not only for guests but too with numerous herds of elephants coming to the mini swimming pool non-stop to quench their thirst. Even at night they could be heard rumbling, fighting for better positions around the pool.




A group of sable was seen a couple of times coming to drink from the waterhole in front of the camp. And on several occasions a leopard could be heard breathing heavily as it walked through camp towards the waterhole. 

Little Mak is actually surreal. Our safari camp experience was magical. We saw lions, elephants, cheetahs (brothers), hippos, giraffes, zebra, buffalo, wild dogs and tons of other animals. 

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