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Wilderness Little Makalolo Newsletter - March 2024

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Methuli Tshuma


The landscapes of Hwange

The vegetation is gradually changing as the winter season approaches. Plants and grasses are drying out, especially in the open areas like Makalolo Plains and Ngamo Vlei. Waterholes are also drying out, and it is now all up to us to pump these waterbodies so that the fauna is saved. A dry spell has hit us, but we need to embrace this change and move on with life, hoping for the best for our 2024 season.

Hwange weather in March 

The month of March was very hot, though it did rain in some parts of the national park, if only a few showers. At Wilderness Little Makalolo we try by all means to maintain the water levels in the waterholes within our proximity, because the concession is still enjoying growth in the elephant population. Our pool plays a vital role in the care of Hwange’s huge population of jumbos. They are seen flocking to our pool deck, even at night, enjoying the fresh water. We always make sure to fill up the pool as this brings countless sightings in front of Little Makalolo. 




Wildlife at Little Makalolo

The concession never disappoints, but March proved to be one of the best in terms of sightings, and the guides easily found elephants in the concession for our guests. Jumbos were seen everywhere browsing and mud-wallowing. The Linkwasha Pride is going strong, and the lions were seen regularly, making our guests’ game drives even more spectacular. The two cheetah boys are now looking massive and beautiful. On several occasions we encountered a huge pack of painted dogs hunting, or resting after successful hunts.




Bird sightings 

March has been good for birders, and European rollers were seen perching in different places in the concession, especially in the open area stretching to Madison. Rufous-naped lark melodies were particularly enjoyed by the birders on drives around Makalolo Plains. The haunting call of African barred owlets could be heard too, heralding another magical African nightfall.

I cried when I left and still get teary-eyed after 2 weeks back in the States. Needless to say, book a stay at Little Makalolo or Linkwasha and you’ll carry it in your heart the rest of your days on earth.

Kelly M

Wilderness Little Makalolo Zimbabwe Hwange

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