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Wilderness Little Makalolo Newsletter – May 2024

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Methuli Tshuma


Winter landscapes on safari

The vegetation around Wilderness Little Makalolo has transformed into a beautiful woodland carpet and on the perimeter of the plains, the ordeal and Zambezi teak trees are starting to turn yellow. These trees are preparing to shed their leaves as we are now in the middle of winter. This is when the bush becomes bare, greatly enhancing game viewing for our Wilderness guests. This is actually the best season for game drives, and all the dirt roads are dry. 

Weather and temperatures in Hwange

April seemed to hold the promise of some very late season rain, but May has been cold and dry with classic low temperatures in the mornings and evenings, and mild daytime temperatures. All the staff members are bundled up in their fleeces and jackets, and the housekeeping department has been working tirelessly, filling “bush babies” for our guests to enjoy the extra warmth of a hot-water bottle in their comfy beds and on game drives. The camp fire is lit early in the mornings, and burns all day for our guests, who find it such a memorable aspect of their safari to have their breakfast and pre-dinner drinks around the fire.

Wildlife at Little Makalolo

The concession continues to produce exceptional large mammal sightings for our adventurers. Little Samavundla Pan has been characterised by sightings of huge herds of buffalos. We thus naturally also encountered spectacular lion hunts at Little Sam, as well as in front of Little Makalolo itself. The Linkwasha Pride created some everlasting memories for our guests as the two cheetah boys provided equally endless entertainment.


The elephants are successfully breeding and we are seeing a lot of babies in the herds. This is thanks to our game water supply unit that plays a critical role in pumping all the waterholes in the concession. The Madison waterhole continues to attract lots of the jumbos to drink and take mud baths, which our travellers never tire of watching.

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Bird Sightings

Winter season is always associated with low bird sightings, and we are missing the migrants, which have left for North Africa and Europe. However, the birders enjoyed the iconic lilac-breasted and purple rollers, among numerous other resident beauties.




Behind the Scenes

Camp Manager: Ed
Managers: Valentine & Methuli
Junior Manager: Rumbi
Guides: Charles, Joshua, Liberty, Leonard and Chalton
Housekeeping: Norman, Pagiwa, Ntokozo, Thembelani and Nyajani
Maintenance: Mbeke, Beki, Pious and Robson
Kitchen: Mayisa, Privilege, Omar, Daniel, Lighton, Thabani and Dwality
Waiters: Didmas, Kuda, Last, Godfrey and Amigo

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