Wilderness Magashi News – April 2024

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Nichole Mathesie


Magashi in April

April brought its own unique charm to Wilderness Magashi – a welcome departure from the whirlwind of seasons experienced in the extremes of the northern and southern hemispheres. While elsewhere, the weather can't seem to make up its mind, here in Magashi, we're treated to a more stable and delightful climate.


The friendly sun graces us with its presence against a backdrop of azure skies, adorned with fluffy clouds carrying the promise of rain. Brief daily showers keep the heat in check, and the mornings gift us with the serene beauty of mist drifting over Lake Rwanyakazinga.

Despite April traditionally marking a quieter period in Rwanda, it's been a time of bustling activity for us at Magashi. We've seized the opportunity to undertake extensive maintenance and renovations, giving our camp a fresh new look just in time for the upcoming busy season.

Strength in unity

Amidst our monthly tasks, we've cherished the wonderful moments of togetherness as a team. Alongside our daily responsibilities, we've dedicated ourselves to further training and skills development, ensuring we're at the top of our game for the upcoming busy period. 




Exploring the wonders of Akagera’s Mutumba Hills

One of the month's highlights was an enlightening journey to the breathtaking Mutumba Hills. Towering over Akagera National Park, these hills offer unparalleled views of the Kagera river system and the pristine lakes below. It was a chance for our team to immerse themselves in the wonders of our environment.




Guiding adventures in Tanzania

In April, our guides embarked on an unforgettable adventure in Tanzania – to do a guiding course with their Tanzanian counterparts. Two weeks in the iconic Serengeti ecosystem provided invaluable opportunities for learning and skills refinement, leaving them with hearts full of joy upon their return to Magashi. The change in habitat and new perspectives will give our Magashi guides valubale tools to use going forward.




Magashi’s wildlife wonders

Magashi's wildlife continues to captivate and enchant. April treated us to remarkable leopard sightings, from playful cubs on the lakeshore to the awe-inspiring sight of a leopard hunting its prey before our guests' eyes. These moments are etched into memories, a testament to the unparalleled safari experiences we offer.


With April's adventures behind us, we eagerly await what the coming months have in store, confident in the magic that awaits us at our beloved Magashi.




You paid attention to every single detail to make our stay the most amazing experience. Pure luxury in the middle of nature. 
A.M. - Portugal 

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