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Wilderness Magashi Newsletter – February 2023

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February meant growth

We started the month welcoming two new members into our Wilderness Magashi team – Sam, our new Barman, and Robert – our own Mr Fix-It. Robert is joining our Mechanics and Maintenance team to ensure Magashi is always in top gear.


Continuing the growth at Magashi, our Trainee Manager Rachel Hakizimana has been promoted to Junior Assistant Manager, while Elie Dusengimana has been promoted to Assistant Manager. They have proven to be a huge asset to the Magashi team and are an inspiration to us all. They both come from the local community, and have worked their way up the ladder, and literally beam their passion for hospitality.



The month of February brought the animals closer to Magashi, and we had a number of exceptional sightings in front of camp. Elephants made Magashi their home for a few nights, creating delightful entertainment from the deck for our guests, who watched them playing in the water and annoying the hippos.



We also had a hippo carcass floating in the lake for a few days that brought some enormous crocodiles out to feast. This provided excellent photo opportunities for guests, and definitely reminded us about why we have our own wonderful pool to cool down in on the hot days.


Lion saga continues


In our January newsletter, we were told the tale of the two lions in Magashi, and we are sure everyone is on the edge of their seats to find out how the story unfolds.



Therefore, we approached Isaac for the latest developments.


“Tension continues for Ntwari and Ngangare as the two younger males, M7 and M9 – AKA the Ms – continued their back and forth in the concession. This movement has caused the Magashi Queen, Amahoro and her cubs to flee. The Queen seems to be the most wanted now for the Ms to settle, while she is trying to protect her cubs!


Ntwari and Ngangare have since gone mute for fear of being discovered, giving the Ms a lot of confidence. We heard them roaring loudly in every corner of the Magashi Concession, including around camp.


For now, the Ms have moved back into the Kilala Plains, but we are sure their mission is not complete, and that they will be back soon. We will continue to monitor our Magashi Queen Amahoro to see if she makes her way back to the concession”.



Guide training


February was a month filled with training and enthusiasm for our Trainee Guides who are getting ready for their upcoming evaluation from FGASA.


The Trainee Guides went above and beyond to make sure that they can deliver the absolute best for our guests, doing bush clearing and discovering a perfect spot for seeing hornbills. They are putting every spare moment they have into their training and we wish them luck and success, knowing they are going to fly the Wilderness flag high!

Service and dining at Magashi

In February our chefs exceeded all expectations when it came to fulfilling the dietary needs of our guests. Requests for vegan & vegetarian meals have been increasing, and while being in the remote and beautiful Akagera does come with more challenges, our Chefs rose to every occasion, and impressed all our guests with their scrumptious meals and innovation.
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Intern swop between Sabyinyo and Magashi

We had the pleasure of having Patrick Bizumuremyi from the Wilderness Sabyinyo team with us for a few days. This was not only his first time at Magashi, but also in Akagera National Park. During his time here, Patrick was exposed to all the different activities that Magashi has to offer, and he even tried his hand at driving a boat himself. It was an absolute pleasure to have him experience Magashi, and he inspired our own team greatly.

In exchange, our Assistant Manager Elie Dusengimane made a visit to Sabyinyo. Elie was shown the wonders of Sabyinyo, including a delightful cultural visit in the nearby community – which is the true essence of Sabyinyo and its partnership with SACOLA. Elie came back to Magashi with amazing knowledge and enthusiasm that has inspired more of the team to visit our neighbouring camps.



Magashi & Children in The Wilderness


As the school year’s second term got into full swing, we hosted a lot of guests from all around the world who had ‘Packed for a Purpose’, by leaving some space in their luggage for school supplies. We received pencils, books, toys and clothes on behalf of our partner schools outside Akagera. The month of February has definitely set the tone, and helped all our kids get school-ready.

“With gratitude to the lovely staff at Magashi – Paradise! We had a wonderful stay & are so grateful to you all for making this such a special experience”. – P & B

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