Wilderness Magashi Newsletter – May 2023

Camp news

Nicole Mathesie


A new season in Akagera

As May arrived, the temperatures began to rise, bringing a shift from the vibrant greens of the wet season to the soft, warm hues typical of the savannah. The lush vegetation gradually thinned out, offering clearer views of the wildlife.




With the land becoming drier, many animals sought refuge near water sources. We were fortunate to witness various elephant bulls paying visits to Wilderness Magashi, calmly grazing between the tents, and providing guests with remarkable up-close encounters, from the safety of their decks.


As the dry season approached, the water levels of Lake Rwanyakazinga began to rise, flooding the reed beds along the shores. These shallow waters became a haven for abundant aquatic life, and we had the pleasure of spotting leopards patiently hiding among the reeds, hoping for an easy catch to supplement their diet with fresh fish. However, leopards were not the only big cats adding excitement to our guests' experiences at Magashi.










The one-eyed male lion, Ntwari, had ventured outside the concession, leaving his coalition partner, Ngangare, behind. "He has always been known to be an escapee when trouble arises, leaving his partner behind”, shared Guide Assiat. Shortly after, the elder males M7 and M9 made their presence known, reuniting with the powerful lioness Amahoro ("Peace"), who is single-handedly raising her four cubs.


Meanwhile, one lion cub and Ngangare disappeared without a trace. Just as we were fearing the worst, they all returned within one day: the missing cub, Ntwari (once again with Ngangare), and the elder males. The territorial battle of the Magashi lions continues to unfold – stay tuned for more updates.





Lots of love and new looks



Love is worth celebrating, and at Magashi, we were honoured to have many guests choose to celebrate their love by spending their honeymoons and anniversaries with us. May was also a month of fresh and new appearances: Our game-viewing vehicles received a complete makeover, transitioning from a dab of olive-green to an elegant, smoky steel-blue. Additionally, our staff are proudly sporting the new Wilderness colours, adding a touch of vibrancy to their already warm welcomes.



CITW & Community updates from Magashi



‘Rhinos’ and ‘Giraffes’ Eco-Club activity at Akayange Primary School

In May the CITW ‘Rhinos’ and ‘Giraffes’ Eco-Clubs at Akayange Primary School all attended their weekly environmental lessons. Akayange Primary School is situated just outside Akagera National Park, and most of our guests pass by on their way to or from the Park entrance. Driving past, you quickly notice how well-maintained the school gardens are. Every student and teacher at the school tends to the garden, and naturally, all 60 Rhinos and Giraffes do their part as well. This month their environmental lessons focused on tree growth, from seed to plant, and different types of soil. And what better way to put the lessons into practice than in the school’s vegetable garden!










Staff news



Wilderness Usawa Serengeti is a brand-new luxury mobile tented camp set to open in the famous Tanzanian national park in July 2023. To familiarise employees with the Wilderness Way, we warmly welcomed Usawa Manager Jaffary to Magashi. Jaffary spent a week at the lodge, experiencing our hospitality and operational systems, resulting in a fruitful exchange of knowledge.

Magashi family, we are so beyond grateful for the opportunity to have spent a few days with you all in such an incredible environment. Thank you for welcoming us with open arms, laughs, and so many incredible safari trips. We will never forget the welcome you gifted to us. Cheers!

– A + A, USA

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